July 28, 2021

What Are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers?

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What Are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers?

Hyperbaric chamber therapy is a medical procedure in which pressurized air is circulated in a closed system to keep a patient completely saturated with oxygen and super breathed at a higher level of oxygen saturation than is naturally available in the lungs. Hyperbaric chambers have many health benefits for a person's overall health. A hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been the subject of many studies done around the world on a variety of medical conditions, from high blood pressure to arthritis to heart disease and strokes. A hyperbaric chamber is also being used as a healing practice to treat some life-threatening diseases, including cancer, leukemia and herpes. A hyperbaric chamber also helps improve immune system function.

HYPERBARIC CHAMPAvine. Swedish Medical Center offers patient state-of-the art hyperbaric chambers with your own comfort in mind. The chambers are clear plastic tubes filled with pure oxygen at a very high pressure that patients can lie down on their side to sleep or sit on to do other activities while watching TV, listening to music or engaging in other leisurely activity to aid pass the time during those long hours of inactivity.

GARDENING. Hyperbaric oxygen therapies can be utilized for a number of medicinal purposes, such as healing or anti-aging. The therapy can increase the oxygenation of tissues and blood, resulting in increased blood flow and oxygenation of cells and capillaries. This helps facilitate cell regeneration, stimulating cell growth and helping to restore elasticity and youthful appearance to aged skin, muscles and tissues. Other physical benefits of the therapy include improving memory and concentration, and stimulating heart and lung function.

COLD FEVER. People suffering from severe ailments including coronary artery disease, Lou Gehrig's disease and persistent pulmonary embolism have benefited from treatments in the hyperbaric chamber. The treatment makes use of pressurized, low pressure, clean pure oxygen to treat these ailments, which are otherwise difficult to treat. Some other disorders that the chambers have been successfully used for include allergies, asthma, stress, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, head colds, heart problems, strokes, and many more. Research continues on how the body deals with external stresses like extreme temperatures.

HEART FAILURE. As previously mentioned, the hyperbaric chamber has been shown to increase red blood cells and improve circulation. The pressurized environment also increases the production of white blood cells. White blood cells are important components of the body's immune system, which aids in fighting infections, fighting disease and assisting in recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has even been found useful in treating injuries, stress and depression.

BIOPROOMY. Research has shown that the hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy can be very beneficial to people with serious physical wounds. Skin grafts have been used to treat burns, open wounds, scar tissue, and more. Many athletes use it to recover faster between competitions. After recovering, they are able to participate in more strenuous activities without as much fear as they would if their wounds were left untreated. Sports enthusiasts say that they feel better and perform better because their skin has healed.

ADDICTED. One of the most promising benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatments is to help those suffering from addiction. Some of these individuals are addicted to drugs or alcohol, but many are not. Some say that they would not change their habits even if the chamber was introduced to their lives. Others are adamant that only this method of treatment should be used. Their reason for holding off on receiving help may be based on the emotional and financial difficulties that are associated with receiving inpatient care, while others simply lack the will power to seek help.

BLESSED. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have also proven to be beneficial to people with diabetes. The chambers have been used to introduce glucose into the circulation system of patients who don't produce their own. The glucose helps regulate blood sugar levels so that diabetics do not suffer from hypoglycemia. It also promotes circulation in the extremities, which allows more energy to the legs so that walking becomes easier.

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