August 8, 2021

Use a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber For Your Home Therapy Needs

portable hyperbaric chamber

Use a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber For Your Home Therapy Needs

A portable hyperbaric chamber in your own home is the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from asthma. With a portable home chamber, you are able to fit all your treatments within your busy schedule at most times of the day which are ideal for you. You are then able to use your chamber for multiple treatments for as long as necessary for one low cost per month. A chamber typically costs about $300, and some have packages that include the cost of a dehumidifier and compressor. The most affordable and highest quality chambers can be found online and through medical supply retailers.

Hyperbaric chambers have been found to greatly improve asthma patients' lung function, as well as reducing the typical side effects associated with the disease. Studies show improved lung function, less mucus production and improved resistance to infection. Although the initial cost of a portable hyperbaric chamber can be higher than the typical hospital room, research shows that physicians often use them more frequently than hospital room stays, so the overall cost to the patient is negligible.

Physicians are recommending portable hyperbaric chamber treatments to their asthma patients, as they provide immediate symptom relief. Typically, physicians order the treatment when the asthma symptoms appear, rather than waiting for the condition to worsen before considering an in-home treatment option. This gives patients a chance to try the treatment out first-hand before making the decision to schedule a hospital stay. Because hyperbaric chambers take less than half the amount of oxygen than normal air, patients remain at a more optimal oxygen level for longer periods of time.

Because portable hyperbaric chambers can be shipped via UPS or FedEx, the cost is much lower than traditional in-clinic treatments. The cost of a portable treatment is approximately half the cost of a traditional in-clinic treatment package. This price benefit can make portable therapy a viable option for many people. The number of treatments needed to achieve optimal oxygen levels depends on the user. Portable therapy is ideal for people with a medical condition that requires short-term high-flow oxygen therapy.

A portable chamber must be evaluated before purchase. There are two types of evaluation available: standard protocol and rapid response. A standard protocol typically involves several sessions over a four-hour period. Patients are placed in the chamber and given a medication to begin hyperventilation, followed by pressurized air delivery through a tube into the lungs. The air is distributed through the walls of the chamber to cover the entire body. The standard protocol allows for some relief from symptoms, but patients still must breathe in through the tube.

Rapid response chambers are designed for use at home. These chambers are easy to assemble and use at home. Patients place their own syringes into the chamber and then release pressurized air. The chambers are then cleaned thoroughly before use. Many standard protocols are available for use in rapid response chambers.

Portable hyperbaric chambers are ideal for use by physicians on site in their offices. Portable Hyperbaric Chambers offer the convenience of a treatment option that can be delivered right to the physician's office. Physicians can evaluate a patient in the comfort of their office, rather than having to spend time getting the patient in and out of the chair. A portable hyperbaric chamber can be used for a wide range of different medical situations. The number of treatments can depend on the type of oxygen pressure that is being applied.

If a patient is having any kind of problem with their oxygen supply or if they suffer from any kind of chronic health condition, it is imperative that they seek immediate medical attention. The oxygen pressure vessel inside the chamber may help to alleviate some of their symptoms. Many people with breathing problems and heart conditions may find relief from these chambers as well. A chamber may be just the solution that patients need to gain relief from their current health conditions. Portable Hyperbaric Chambers are able to provide these critical nutrients to individuals. These chambers are an excellent alternative to using a traditional oxygen tank.

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