August 3, 2021

Understanding the Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Understanding the Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Swedish Hospital now offers individualized, high quality hyperbaric chambers to enhance your health and well-being. Our award winning staff provides personalized care with a focus on meeting each person's specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that each patient has the best possible treatment possible. With our fully automated clinical facility, patients can return to normal activities, while receiving care and relaxation from their most experienced, compassionate team. If you are looking for a complete health care package, you can't go wrong with a visit to one of our five sites across the country.

An individualized, high-fidelity hyperbaric chamber allows you to receive comprehensive health care in an environment that promotes healing. The clinical environment of a specialized hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit provides a positive and safe environment for patients. Swedish Hospital's state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber allows for optimal healing for all of our patients.

Swedish Medical Institute has led the way in innovative, new approaches to treating many types of illnesses and conditions, with a focus on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The latest treatment offered by our clinic is a fully automated clinical laboratory designed for the safe, effective and efficient delivery of pure oxygen. It is completely safe and reliable. Hyperbaric chamber therapy is a breakthrough in the treatment of many chronic and complex diseases and conditions, including respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Patients are restored to full vitality and productivity, while experiencing lessened inflammation and muscle soreness.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy offers many benefits to the patient. The oxygen concentration levels achieved with this treatment are extremely pure, which allows us to offer the most effective therapy possible. In clinical studies, hyperbaric chamber therapy was shown to increase work productivity, reduce fatigue and improve mood and anxiety. The oxygen therapy also increases blood circulation and enhances the immune system. Our treatment can also eliminate fear and nervousness associated with many medical conditions. The chamber also allows patients to feel at ease while in the therapy room, allowing them to better concentrate on their treatment.

Hyperbaric chambers are manufactured to exact specifications to guarantee the highest quality of products. The various chambers are made of materials ranging from polyethylene to stainless steel to be certain that they are compatible with various different chambers. One of the primary differences between pure oxygen chambers and traditional pressurized breathing apparatus is that with the former, the air pressure inside the chamber is always increasing, resulting in a steady stream of fresh oxygen. Pure oxygen is necessary for tissue repair, cell regeneration and cellular respiration. As such, the normal level of blood oxygen saturation is maintained at around 95%. With traditional breathing apparatus, changes in oxygen levels occur at frequent intervals, thereby shortening the amount of time during which tissues can heal and cells are repaired.

Another benefit of using hyperbaric oxygen chambers is that the oxygen is circulated throughout the entire body. For individuals with chronic illnesses, an increased oxygen supply can reduce symptoms and help in the overall healing process. Hyperbaric chamber therapy can even be used to combat more serious conditions such as stroke and heart disease. Research has even shown that hyperbaric chamber therapy can aid in the treatment of cancer and certain neurological disorders.

As previously mentioned, a variety of hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be found for varying needs. The most common chamber available to consumers is the closed-circuit system. This type of system is recommended for those who have no health conditions and only require the chamber for short-term use. For those who do suffer from health issues, closed circuit systems allow for increased air flow and greater circulation.

For those looking to take advantage of the many benefits that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can provide, there are several different types of devices that can be purchased. Some of these products include airtight-fitting masks, walk-in tanks and even special cabinets designed to house the apparatus. Whether purchasing a traditional model or a newer and more technologically advanced version, it is important to ensure that the equipment is compatible with one's current environment. For those looking to stay completely oxygenated all day, portable and lightweight units are the best choice.

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