July 4, 2021

Treating Scuba Diving Illnesses With Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

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Treating Scuba Diving Illnesses With Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers have been associated with successful treatment of decompression illness, also referred to as "decompression shock." If you've ever gone scuba diving, then you know about the dangers of decompression illness, which strikes many divers who surface too quickly after a dive. decompression illness occurs when your body tries to return to its original, buoyancy-low state, usually after spending some time underwater. As this condition wears away at your body, it can cause serious problems, including heart attack, nerve damage and even death. A hyperbaric chamber is used to return your body to its normal buoyancy-high state much faster than with traditional physical decompression.

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit is used in virtually every medical setting. These units are used for everything from patient recovery to disaster response and everything in between. If you need an increased level of oxygen to your brain, or have become so ill that you're unable to eat, you could benefit from a hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit. The oxygen treatment in these chambers comes in the form of an oxygen-rich, high pressure air stream circulated through a plastic tube that sends a constant, oxygen rich, stream of compressed gasses into the exact area or part of the body that is needed.

The potential side effects of hyperbaric chamber therapy are rare, if occurring at all. Generally, the air in the unit is pressurized to about 35psi, which is similar to the pressure found in a deep freezer. Any oxygen molecules that might be present are rapidly broken down by the high concentration of oxygen, so the chances of any oxygen being infected are very slim. Any oxygen molecules that might be present at a higher concentration would simply pass right through the lining of the lungs without harming them in the process. That's why this therapy is generally safe for most people with little or no known allergies or other conditions.

Patients often use the hyperbaric chamber in conjunction with a specially designed breathing mask. The mask functions much like a full-body oxygen tank and is worn while inside the unit. The patient can then take in as many oxygen molecules as desired, and when the pulse rate falls below a certain threshold the mask will start pumping air into the chamber, essentially replacing the air that was originally being pumped in. This cycle will keep the patient fully oxygenated long enough for the actual healing to occur.

Another relatively new development in the field of hyperbaric chamber technology is the multiplace chamber system. This is basically a pair or more chambers that can be connected to each other. One of the main benefits of the multiplace chamber system is that it allows patients to receive the full benefit of receiving oxygen therapy in multiple different parts of their body at the same time.

A similar type of treatment is the pure oxygen method. This is the type of hyperbaric chamber that was originally used by astronauts to treat decompression syndrome while they were in space. The pure oxygen method was developed so that those suffering from oxygen deprivation or those with an oxygen deficiency could receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy in order to increase their chances of full recovery.

As mentioned previously, many individuals that suffer from some form of chronic illnesses are candidates for hyperbaric chamber therapy. There are two primary reasons for this: the reduction of pain associated with these chronic illnesses and the increase in overall health that can be achieved by undergoing hyperbaric chamber treatments. Many chronic illnesses affect the musculoskeletal system, and the decreased oxygenation levels that are present during treatments can cause increased pain because muscles are deprived of their ability to function. Hyperbaric chambers can improve the overall health of a patient's entire body by increasing the blood flow throughout the body and improving the circulation of oxygen in the tissues of the body.

Patients that have been prescribed the use of portable hyperbaric chambers as treatment for their conditions have also reported being able to significantly reduce or eliminate the need to take prescription medications. Some individuals have reported a 50% decrease in the number of times that they need to take their medications. Individuals that suffer from scuba diving related symptoms are often recommended these chambers by their physicians. These patients can experience significant improvements in their conditions and should definitely consider the use of these pressurized containers. It should be noted that there are currently studies being conducted on the use of hyperbaric chambers for the purpose of helping individuals suffering from various types of chronic illnesses.

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