February 17, 2021

Tinnitus Home Remedies and the Power of Pineapple!


Before I go singing the praises of any miraculous tinnitus home remedies I must state for the record that really, truly, and sadly, there is no absolute cure for that monotonous ringing in the ears that plagues over 50 million Americans. But don't despair there is hope, read on...

But also just as sad is the hyped up push from the media and the great pharmaceutical juggernauts preaching the false accolades of their over-the-counter medications, which more times than not, end up handing the sufferer more harmful and worrisome side-effects than any actual tinnitus relief.

Herbal remedies such as ginkgo biloba and black cohosh have been tried by some who have escaped the disillusionment of the OTC medications. While tinnitus herbal remedies may offer marginal relief they too fall short of curing the troublesome disorder.

As mentioned earlier, the problem with over-the-counter meds is the brutal side-effects that accompany them, such as exhaustion, nausea, vertigo, constipation, and something very nasty called Irregular Bowel Syndrome... yeah, I won't comment any further.

So where does that leave the sufferer looking for tinnitus relief? Other alternative treatments do exist, like magnet therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. But more often than not these treatments are also an exercise in futility.

Although some tinnitus home remedies are said to bring complete relief to this annoying disorder, once again, sadly but truly, those claims are largely false. Nevertheless, here are a few:

Tinnitus Home Remedies:

  • Ginkgo Biloba - Helps to rush blood and encourage better circulation in the head and neck area. This helps because the lack of blood in this region can be a cause of tinnitus.
  • Fresh Cut Pineapple Rings - That's right, good 'ol pineapple! Because of its inflammation reducing properties it is believed to enhance blood circulation in the neck and head region with the result being tinnitus relief.
  • Coenzyme Q 10 (300 mg per day) - This is also supposed to help with upper torso blood circulation by boosting the immune system and thus provides relief for tinnitus.
  • Raw Garlic - Yep, grab a clove and chow down baby! Taken daily, garlic is said to provide relief from tinnitus... but mark my words, there will be no relief for anyone around you!
  • Salt Spray - A teaspoon of salt mixed with the same amount of glycerin and then sprayed into the throat and nose (sounds pleasurable!) is another tinnitus home remedy that is said to bring relief.

These remedies should always be combined with healthy living and wise choices. Even simple changes in diet can be a very effective home remedy for tinnitus. Avoid as much as possible: saturated fats, processed foods, sugar and dairy. Cut out nicotine and caffeine (I know, those triple-shot grande cappuccinos are going to be hard to live without!), which are powerful stimulants that can aggravate your tinnitus. You can still have your espresso, just use moderation...

Also watch your blood pressure - It could be a culprit. If you have high blood pressure, getting it under control may alleviate the tinnitus. This will include reducing your sodium intake, cutting back on, or better yet cutting out completely your consumption of alcohol, and of course following a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regimen.

Tinnitus home remedies can help, but on their own they will not bring about the desired and lasting relief you need.


Source by Dan B. Morgan

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