July 5, 2021

The Uses of the Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric chambers are used to treat many different conditions and diseases, but most people are familiar with their use as a treatment for heart disease and asthma. The high-pressurized environment that these chambers create provides healing properties beyond the simple effects of oxygen deprivation. The oxygen environment in the hyperbaric chamber is highly controlled and can be adjusted for the specific purpose of curing certain health problems. Hyperbaric chambers have also been known to successfully treat certain mental conditions like panic attacks and depression. These chambers are effective because they can deliver the right amount of high-pressure oxygen treatment needed to target specific areas of the brain and help them return to normal functioning.

hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an advanced medical treatment which involves patients breathing in 100 percent oxygen at a high-than-usual atmospheric pressure inside a specially designed hyperbaric chamber, usually located above a surgical or chemotherapy room. The exact level of oxygen in the chamber will vary depending on the exact condition being treated and will depend on a number of factors specific to each patient. Some hyperbaric chambers may have one or more adjustable oxygen levels. While higher pressures provide higher oxygen levels, lower pressures deliver lower levels. Some medical professionals use a combination of chambers to achieve the best possible oxygen levels. The amount of oxygen delivered during a particular treatment session is determined by a number of factors specific to each patient, such as the current condition being treated, the specific illness being treated, and the health of the patient's muscles and other tissues.

During a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, patients are exposed to a highly pressurized environment, similar to those experienced in an airplane hangar, but with significantly less oxygen-rich air. A patient in the chamber will be exposed to high levels of pure oxygen, much higher than what is available in the surrounding atmosphere. This pure oxygen, however, will be subject to many environmental influences, including temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, the quality of the oxygen-rich air being circulated, as well as the presence of any foreign objects within the chamber. When different conditions are present, it is known that the hyperbaric chamber will react in a way that may be different from those encountered in normal atmospheres.

One of the primary benefits of hyperbaric chambers is the prevention or the reduction of many common diseases and conditions, which occur as a result of exposure to high levels of oxygen. Many individuals who regularly use these chambers while engaged in various activities of daily living (Dental Health), sports (Golf, Swimming), or recreational (amphibious activities) have reported a decrease in the occurrence of such ailments as decompression sickness, scuba diving, hangovers, jet lag, nausea, and vomiting. These individuals also report less pain during the activity than they previously experienced. While these claims may not be completely accurate due to variable factors, it is clear that the effects of the hyperbaric chamber on the body and mind are positive and can lead to improved health.

Hyperbaric chambers have also proven beneficial in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, and stroke. This is because the increased pressure that develops in the brain due to its exposure to the pressurized air in the hyperbaric chamber, will help treat the brain by increasing the blood supply to brain cells. This will help treat or at least ease the effects of brain cell death and may also help prevent future damage to brain cells. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments have even been used to treat cerebral palsy and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which is a condition associated with certain types of dementia.

An interesting side effect of the hyperbaric chamber has been studied recently, and is the ability of the hyperbaric system to reduce pain perception in people with chronic pain. A study was performed at the University of North Carolina, which found that when subjects were exposed to pressurized air in the hyperbaric chamber, their pain thresholds decreased significantly. The results showed a significant effect of the hyperbaric oxygen treatment on pain perception, but only in test subjects who were mildly or moderately pain sensitive. More research is needed to confirm these results, and to find out if hyperbaric oxygen treatments are helpful in the treatment of pain. Currently, hBot is being tested in hospitals across the country for the treatment of chronic pain and other conditions, and more research is also being done on the benefits of both on patients with chronic pain and those with CTE.

In the future, hyperbaric chamber treatments could become a primary method to treat various conditions, as well as to prevent certain diseases. HBot will likely need to be administered in more clinical settings to be able to meet the needs of the treatment and prevent complications, so there will likely be a need for studies to determine its safety and suitability. When using pure oxygen to treat patients, there is the chance of exposure to viruses, so the use of the hyperbaric chamber should be limited to qualified medical staff and people who will be overseeing the procedure. Researchers have yet to determine whether there will be any adverse health reactions to pure oxygen when it is used to treat patients. There have also been no studies done to determine whether the hyperbaric chamber would be effective in treating traumatic brain injury victims.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be an effective medical treatment option for many medical conditions and may be able to prevent conditions that normally would be fatal or debilitating. Because there has not been extensive research done on the hyperbaric chamber, it's not known if it is safe or even effective in the treatment of some conditions. More studies will likely be conducted in the coming years to determine whether or not hyperbaric chamber therapy can help people suffering from different medical conditions.

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