February 20, 2021

The Perks of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments

The Perks of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments

Many athletes have heard about the hyperbaric chamber for athletes. Many athletes know what it is and a few may not. Many new and old athletes are wondering how do you feel after hyperbaric oxygen therapy? In this article I will describe what a hyperbaric chamber is and how do you feel after hyperbaric chamber for athletes?

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments

First lets begin with what a hyperbaric chamber is. It is basically an oxygen tank with a very thick, humid foam material at the bottom. The air is infused with hyperbaric oxygen, which expands to fill the entire tank. The hyperbaric chamber can hold up to sixteen gallons of pure oxygen at any given time. The high level of oxygen is required to stimulate and invigorate the tissues and cells within the body.

So how do you feel after your hyperbaric chamber treatment? The majority of individuals do not notice a change in heart rate or blood pressure, but many athletes have reported increased endurance, improved performance, and better heart health. There are many hyperbaric chamber manufacturers such as Evotrax, Hyperbaric, Hyperbolic, and Pure Oxygen. My personal favorite is Hyperbaric from Oceanic Labs because of its wide variety of amenities.

The second question, many athletes wonder about after their hyperbaric chamber treatment is "What about rebound?" You are not going to be moving from a cool dry environment to hot and sweaty, moist and slippery conditions. Therefore, there is no way your body is going to adapt. The only way it is going to get accustomed to the change is through time. However, many people who have experienced it personally say that they noticed an immediate improvement in their athletic performance right away and didn't have to take time to adapt to the new circumstances.

Some might even question if hyperbaric chambers increase your body's intolerance to physical stress. This is absolutely not the case. The hyperbaric chamber will increase your body's tolerance to physical stress pulling the energy differences between warm and cold conditions. This causes you to have more physical activity in warm conditions than in cold conditions. In fact, the hyperbaric chamber will cause you to exert more energy in warm than in cold conditions. This will then make you burn more calories and lose weight.

The final benefit many will notice after hyperbaric chamber treatments is the increase in mental focus and clarity. After spending time in the hyperbaric chamber your brain has many more chemical and neurological pathways open which will improve your cognitive function and overall brain functioning. You will find yourself falling asleep quicker and with much more efficiency when you first get home after a hyperbaric chamber treatment. Your mood will lift considerably and many individuals report increased sexual feelings.

These are just a few of the many physical benefits hyperbaric chamber treatments provide. Many clinical studies show that individuals recover more quickly from many physical injuries, even life threatening surgeries. Hyperbaric oxygen therapies have also shown to reduce symptoms of depression in some patients. There are numerous documented reports of the physiological benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatments in patients suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer and Parkinson's disease. The healing process also seems to favor hyperbaric chamber treatments due to the increased oxygen levels and immune boost the chamber can give your body.

With all of these documented benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatments, why would you consider skipping this great treatment? After all, this is a safe, proven and effective therapy that can help you reach your full physical potential. Are there any risks associated with a hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Absolutely none. This therapy has been used for many decades and no negative side effects have ever been recorded. Hyperbaric chambers are safe and effective and should be considered the next step in achieving optimum health.

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