August 24, 2021

The Benefits of Using Hyperbaric Chambers For Athletes

During a hyperbaric chamber for athletes, an injured athlete is able to climb into an oversized pressurized cylindrical capsule called a portable hyperbaric chamber designed specifically for his or her needs. Once secured, the athlete is free to self-oxygenate by way of a mask, or tube attached to the body. The pressurized air inside the chamber is adjusted to healthy levels using a specially designed pump. Once the proper pressure is achieved, the patient can safely recline and look out upon a blue sky, green grass or clear water. The air in the chamber is devoid of oxygen and only provides supplemental oxygen rich air.

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

Through a hyperbaric chamber for athletes, an athlete is able to increase the oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide removal of his or her lungs, improve his or her cognitive function and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Through the effects of high pressure and low density of oxygen, there is an increase in blood supply to the brain and increased functioning of the immune system. Athletes who suffer from CFS often report improvements in their ability to fight pain, fatigue and injury.

Hyperbaric chambers have been widely used as treatment solution for many sports-related injuries, including minor spinal cord injuries, whiplash, tendonitis, tendinitis, bursitis and brain injuries. These hyperbaric chambers can also help treat more serious injuries and illnesses such as strokes, kidney failures, heart attacks and asthma. Patients often report complete healing within 48 hours. The treatments also alleviate shortness of breath and nausea, and can even improve the mood of the patient. Patients are often able to return to active and sport-related activities in a shorter amount of time.

During the past ten years, there have been a number of major sports persons involved in major accidents and injuries that have been attributed to concussions. Many of these athletes who were associated with football and soccer as well as basketball and softball continue to suffer from the negative side effects of concussions even after they leave the game. Hyperbaric chambers have been shown to be extremely helpful in the reduction and prevention of the long term effects of concussions in these sportspersons. Athletes who are regularly exposed to traumatic head injuries can safely benefit from a hyperbaric chamber for athletes.

Another application of hyperbaric therapy is for the treatment of decompression sickness. Many people who have suffered from this condition due to extended periods of sitting or standing in one position have reported feeling constantly uncomfortable and not knowing when the symptoms would occur. The symptoms begin slowly and can include sore muscles, muscle weakness, lack of concentration, dizziness, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Although many people who suffer from decompression sickness may think they are having a heart attack, there is no evidence that proves this conclusively. There is a high risk of developing tissue necrosis in patients with this illness, but there is also a low risk of death if timely medical attention is sought. A hyperbaric chamber provides natural healing process by restoring damaged tissues through oxygenation alone.

Hyperbaric chambers also have benefits for patients who sustain minor head injuries. These injuries are often more difficult to heal than traumatic brain injuries, and doctors have found the hyperbaric environment to be extremely beneficial in speeding up the healing process. Concussions often slow down the recovery process, because the body is focused on repairing the damage caused by the concussion rather than concentrating on the rest of the body. When an athlete is treated in a chamber, the damaged area is flooded with oxygen, which heals the area at the cellular level, allowing healing to occur at a faster rate.

The hyperbaric chamber also has benefits for patients who suffer from sports-related head injuries, such as skull fractures. These injuries often require the immediate application of an ice pack on the head. This procedure can be painful, but the hyperbolic setting allows for the quick removal of the cold compress on top of the damaged area, allowing the athlete to heal faster. Once healed, athletes can return to their normal daily activities without experiencing the pain and discomfort associated with the compress. This is crucial for the overall success of the healing process, since a damaged brain needs to have its mind ready to conquer and focus on the task at hand.

Hyperbaric chambers are commonly used by athletes seeking therapy for various ailments, including traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, and brain inflammation. The compact chambers allow these athletes to get the most out of the treatment, as the chambers are highly effective at providing the most oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues. Whether the goal is to rehabilitate or prevent a traumatic brain injury, the hyperbaric chamber can help.

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