August 20, 2021

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) process is rapidly increasing in popularity among patients seeking treatment for certain medical conditions. This is also including over 700 plus non-hospital-based alternative medical practices or hospitals. And this does not even count the number of hyperbaric Chambers that people already own within their homes. New studies continue to reveal the positive benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapies in various clinical applications, from strokes to heart disease to COPD and more. Many scientists are also excited about the potential applications of HBOT in various fields, not least the ability to use the chamber for rehabilitation and disaster relief purposes.

hyperbaric chamber

Research projects currently underway in Australia and in the UK have uncovered many potential applications for the hyperbaric chamber, as well as a potential treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Australian researchers discovered that exposing test subjects to hypoxic conditions (high levels of oxygen relative to atmospheric pressure) resulted in improved recall. The test subjects were then given either a placebo or a hyperbaric chamber and asked to recall the details of one medical episode. It was found that subjects who had been exposed to the hyperbaric chamber had higher counts for the substance they remembered than those who had not. This study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Toxicology.

In the UK, an experiment involving mentally ill adults proved the effectiveness of using a hyperbaric chamber for rehabilitation. This study was led by Professor Robin Sharp of University College London and was funded in part by the British government. The study compared the effects of the hyperbaric chamber with those of a placebo and an air conditioning system. The results showed a significant improvement in cognitive behavior, mood, and general feelings of well being for the physically challenged adults. This is likely due to the higher levels of oxygen and other vital nutrients circulating in the chambers, as well as the reduction of the carbon dioxide levels in the surrounding environment. Sharp additionally said that the oxygen levels in the hyperbaric chamber prevented the onset of feelings of nausea and fear, which is common for people recovering from illness or injuries.

The Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBOT) treatment involves a highly advanced form of hyperbaric technology, which uses an ultra high temperature and pressurized air to force pure oxygen into any body tissue or organ. The temperature and pressure are increasing within the chamber to reach a pressure that is equal to atmospheric pressure. The pure oxygen is then forced through the tubes into the tissues at extremely high pressures. Because of the extreme pressure, the tissues do not retain any water, but instead swell, which allows the oxygen molecules to enter the cells more deeply. The result is a much quicker healing process with healthier and more rapid return to normal functions than with standard therapies.

For several weeks, participants in the HBOT therapy receive an inflow of pressurized pure oxygen while their body is healed from the injury or illness. They also partake in a series of exercises and protocol designed to increase their muscle tissue and bone density in preparation for the physical stress that they will soon endure when returning home. As the body heals itself, its ability to heal itself is further improved. Because the pressure within the hyperbaric chamber is so intense, mental and physical stimulation is also provided to encourage positive brain responses and to further increase the overall benefits of the hyperbaric chamber experience. This is an ideal combination for individuals who suffer from diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and have less than optimal levels of these essential brain chemicals.

The research conducted on hyperbaric chambers by Sharp and his team found that the most beneficial use of the chamber came from the increased oxygen levels experienced by the subjects. Specifically, researchers found that there was an improvement in the function of the cerebral cortex. The oxygen level within the chamber also increased significantly, causing an increase in brain activity, as well as the release of growth hormones. Brain cells began to rejuvenate and replace the damaged ones, resulting in an overall increase in mental and physical health. While the results of this study are promising, the chamber must be used under professional supervision to ensure proper usage. For any individual who may be interested in hyperbaric chamber treatments as part of a total health regimen, Sharp and his team recommend that you consult with your physician before proceeding.

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