August 27, 2021

Pure Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Athletes

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

Pure Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Athletes

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that has been used for many years to help heal various injuries and illnesses. The hyperbaric chamber is the most recent development in physical therapy and rehabilitation. One such therapy offered by HBOT is HBOT treatment, which not only helps in healing but also provides the athlete with extra oxygen in the tissues. This is important because the tissues in the body become saturated with oxygen as a result of strenuous exercise or training. When an athlete completes training, warm-up, competition or other physical conditioning activities, the body's immune system is very stressed.

The oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber can help alleviate this stress on the immune system and the brain. An athlete may feel a bit more fatigued but won't feel as ill afterward. The immune system is improved due to the extra nutrients delivered to it. Athletes will also sleep better due to improved sleep quality. Because the lungs are cleaned and free from allergens and contaminants, athletes may feel rested and more energized during training and competitions. They will also be able to think clearly because their minds will not be distracted by infections and illnesses.

If an athlete sustains an injury while training or competing, the chamber can provide a variety of postoperative benefits, including pain relief, healing and swelling reduction. The HBOT method is not limited to injuries suffered while training athletes and doing physical exercise. Patients with prior medical conditions, such as heart and lung diseases, asthma, COPD, and neuromuscular and skeletal disorders can benefit from this type of therapy as well. As previously mentioned, athletes can feel more energized due to a change in oxygen and body chemistry.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers instantly provide changes in brain activity and physiology. After just a few minutes inside, an athlete may begin to feel disorientated and confused. He or she will start to think, speak and behave normally. Scientists and physicians have studied athletes' brains after being subjected to a hyperbaric chamber's positive effects. Although the brain's function cannot be precisely measured, patients demonstrate improvement in all areas of their thinking and cognitive function when they are exposed to a positive oxygen-rich mixture.

Athletes who suffer from sports injuries and severe physical debilitations can take advantage of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well. These individuals can take advantage of the chamber's effects on inflammation. Chronic joint and muscle pain and inflammation are common for athletes who perform extremely strenuous exercises. For this reason, both chambers are used by physical therapists to alleviate pain and help increase range of motion and mobility.

Sportsmen and women who compete in high-intensity activities also benefit from hyperbaric therapy. Because the compact chamber allows for an efficient transfer of air and surrounding air molecules, the athlete can work at a faster recovery rate. Studies have shown that athletes recover faster and sustain greater game day performance when taking advantage of the hyperbaric chamber's effects on inflammation.

The hyperbaric chamber also has proven effects on red blood cells. O Athletes who sustain injuries usually suffer from low oxygenation. This is a life threatening situation because injured individuals lack an ample supply of oxygenated blood. The athlete's body can receive enough oxygen that is needed for sustaining life through the release of red blood cells and the associated processes, but the injury victim's body is unable to utilize and release excess oxygen in the event of injuries sustained during intense physical activity.

Hyperbaric chambers have also proven beneficial in treating patients with neurological injuries. Neuropathic pain can be very painful and even fatal without the aid of medication, but with the use of hyperbaric chambers patients can alleviate the symptoms associated with these neurological injuries. When administered properly, hyperbaric chambers can also relieve the symptoms of stroke, head trauma, and various brain related disorders. This treatment is highly recommended to individuals suffering from devastating injuries due to traumatic brain injuries.

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