July 21, 2021

Near Mexico, The Perks of Hyperbaric Therapy Revealed!

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Near Mexico, The Perks of Hyperbaric Therapy Revealed!

Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) treatment is among the latest methods to cure autism. It has proven remarkable improvement in several autism cases worldwide. The treatment is also useful in reducing brain damage caused by stroke. Research studies have established that brain cells generated in the hyperbaric chamber for home can form new brain cells and function well.

Recent clinical studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT, also called as pure hyperbaric oxygen) can improve the symptoms of autism. Several symptoms are treated by HBOT like total body resistance, body weight gain, increase in eye contact, decreased fear, decreased aggression, increase in verbal abilities and communication. Autism is categorized as a spectrum disorder, which means that it has different types. Children with autism show different clinical characteristics and may have different behavioral issues.

One type of autism is categorized as pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS). As an example, children with PDD-NOS have no visible signs or symptoms of autism, but they display repetitive behaviors and lack of attention span. A child with PDD-NOS may repeat the same behavior over; he may be easily distracted; he has unusual attempts to make connections between objects and actions; he may fail to establish eye contact and fails to smile. The child with this disorder does not respond to spoken directions or to visual cues. Some of his symptoms are also evident in other children with other PDD disorders.

Another type of autism hyperbaric chamber treatments are for sensory integration disorder (SIDS). Children with SIDS can suffer from suffocating or suffocation if they were to enter the womb during the third trimester. Researchers believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapies can reduce the risk of death in babies who are about to be delivered by Cesarean delivery. Hyperbaric chambers help to improve the eyesight of these infants. They are said to also increase the temperature inside the womb, which may decrease the risk of SIDS.

Research is still ongoing to study hyperbaric chamber therapies to find out more about their healing power. However, my patients have noticed a great improvement in their sensory processing disorder. I have a ten-year-old with Aspergers syndrome. He was previously diagnosed as autistic and had many behavioral problems. Since he began hyperbaric chamber treatments at the age of three, he has been able to control his movements to some degree and is now being home-schooled a little longer.

Many children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have also shown improvement after receiving hyperbaric chamber treatments. This is not surprising when you consider hyperbaric oxygen treatments' effectiveness. The hyperbaric air and the extreme humidity, temperature and pressure can actually create positive effects in your mind. Many people with ASDs have a higher anxiety level. Hyperbaric therapy can actually lower this anxiety.

I have personally benefited from hyperbaric therapy. I am a native of Mexico City. During my last visit to Mexico, I was thrilled to see a new plant that my graduate student had photographed. The plant was named Pterocarpus scale; scientifically it is known as Pterocarpus santalinus.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about hyperbaric chamber treatments for your loved ones, or your own health/cures. My website offers information on hyperbaric chamber therapies for home use. Please feel free to browse and learn!

You may also be interested in learning more about hyperbaric oxygen therapies, including a presentation of "How to Treat Autism." Please view this presentation in its entirety. Additionally, there is a book available entitled "Hyperbaric Healing: A Guide to Hyperbaric Chambers for the Home," which is written by Don Murphy and adapted for use with hyperbaric oxygen therapies.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about hyperbaric therapy. My website offers information on hyperbaric chambers for home use, as well as a list of items not safe with hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Please feel free to browse and learn! I hope you enjoy your stay.

I would love to share these hyperbaric benefits with you, but there are so many other things I have to do, and am simply not able to do. My work schedule requires that I must be away from home for at least six hours at a time. My current health insurance policy only allows for a maximum of thirty minutes a week. Too often, my days are filled with paperwork, phone calls, appointments, and physical therapy. This leaves little time for personal activities.

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