July 31, 2021

Learn What Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Do For You

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Learn What Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Do For You

Hyperbaric chambers have been used to treat a variety of health conditions and medical problems for decades. A hyperbaric chamber provides total body protection against infectious agents, improving immune system function and facilitating the healing process. Hyperbaric chambers provide a healing environment by eliminating any air-borne particles or germs from the air. The oxygen level in the chamber is identical to that found in the lungs of a person that is not suffering from an illness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as high-pressure exhalation, is a revolutionary new medical treatment which involves patients safely breathing 100 percent oxygen at a high-than-usual atmospheric pressure, normally delivered via a machine called a hyperbaric chamber, placed inside a special leak-proof enclosure. The amount of pressure administered to the air also varies according to various factors specific to each patient, such as the illness being treated and the exact condition being healed. An increase in atmospheric pressure also increases blood oxygen saturation, which leads to a boost in cellular metabolism. As a result, healing is hastened and fatigue is eliminated. Hyperbaric oxygen therapies are often administered along with other treatment options to complement other medical procedures, such as surgery. Patients typically recover from a hyperbaric chamber treatment within one to two days.

The benefits of hyperbaric Chambers can help in many ways, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Hyperbaric chambers allow for optimal oxygen transfer due to their very high pressure levels. During a normal breathing cycle, the air flows past the lungs at a rate of approximately seven pounds per minute. In order to supply oxygen to all parts of the body, the heart has to pump large volumes of blood through it. This creates a shortage of oxygen in some parts of the body, leading to fatigue, weakness, and general feeling of lack of energy. Pure oxygen has been shown to increase overall healing during these conditions, especially in the eyes.

Hyperbaric chambers also allow for increased blood flow, as well as better circulation throughout the body. The chamber's air pressure allows for different levels of flow, ranging from near vacuum levels to pressures over one million pounds per square inch. High-pressurized air stimulates the circulatory system, increasing blood flow and oxygen flow to the entire body. Research has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds the recovery of body cells, increasing the speed at which wounds heal and prevent infection from occurring.

Hyperbaric chambers also provide a healthy environment for cells, due to its temperature and relative humidity. Because of this, it is similar to a "steroid" environment, which can be beneficial to our health. While the hyperbaric chamber does not contain any harmful chemicals or other foreign materials, a doctor should be consulted before proceeding with treatment. While hyperbaric therapy has been used in many cases, there are some conditions that this therapy is not recommended for. Children, people with heart problems, liver disease, breathing disorders, tumors, and those with diabetes should not use the hyperbaric chamber as treatment.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapies are ideal for trauma recovery and other life-threatening situations, and should be discussed with a doctor before beginning treatment. The hyperbaric chamber's oxygen level will likely be higher than the ambient oxygen level in the immediate area, and this could cause a reaction or increase the severity of an injury or illness. People with respiratory illness or a history of allergic reactions to oxygen should be monitored during treatment. If these conditions are ignored, severe complications may result. A hyperbaric chamber should only be used by people who are healthy and do not have conditions that would make them a health risk.

During the treatments, patients are often exposed to temperatures as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This extremely high temperature can cause excessive swelling and redness in the skin, as well as pain and discomfort. Because of the potential for heat damage, it is critical that the appropriate safety equipment is worn during hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy to prevent the possibility of tissue damage. Some of the possible problems that could occur include temporary or permanent blindness, tissue damage, nerve damage, chemical burns, and infections. The hyperbaric chamber should only be used by trained medical staff to avoid any complications.

Hyperbaric chambers can also be used to promote healing in the tissues and cells of the body, promoting faster healing in burn patients, for example. Burn victims typically have smaller wounds than other patients, and many heal faster after being exposed to high temperatures. Because the hyperbaric chamber provides pressurized oxygen to wounds, it makes it easier to target damaged tissues. Hyperbaric healing can also be an effective treatment for those who have been injured in a physical accident. Hyperbaric chambers can also be used for patients recovering from surgery, and may even help speed wound healing.

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