August 23, 2021

Is Hyperbaric Therapy Near Me?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a form of treatment that has proven to be very effective with many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This therapy has been approved by the FDA and is offered at several different quality centers around the country. There are many quality standards that must be met before Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be administered to an Autism patient. The highest standard of care is twelve hours of Oxygen Therapy with the proper safety gear in place. I have a friend who just had his second birthday of Oxygen Therapy and was devastated with the large red marks on his face.

hyperbaric therapy near me

The hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be found at your local hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. If you are considering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat your Autism Spectrum Disorder with pneumatic tubes inserted directly into your mouth, be sure to do your research. Not all treatment plans, supplements, or home treatments for Autism are created equal. There are some homeopathic physicians that specialize in treating Autism Spectrum Disorders. I would like to introduce you to one such doctor.

Dr. Miguel Delgado is a world renown homeopathic physician. As the owner of a clinic in Encinitas, California, he treats patients with all types of physical therapy, alternative medicine, homeopathic medications, and hyperbaric chamber procedures. In his new book, "The Natural Answer," Dr. Miguel Delgado provides treatment plans for a wide range of ailments and disorders. In this book, he recommends six specific new treatments for individuals with Autism. I highly recommend this book.

Among the six new recommendations, two in particular have helped my clients tremendously. The first is a carbon dioxide inhalation hyperbaric oxygen therapy (cbOT), which involves filling a chamber with pressurized, high levels of oxygen. Within the chamber, you will find a thin film of carbon dioxide. This thin film is designed to eliminate toxins from the body as you breathe in. When you leave the chamber, the pressure subsides and your lungs fill with oxygen. Patients report being able to walk, talk, and perform all of the normal activities of daily life shortly after the first session.

The second recommendation is a high-pressure, short duration hyperbaric chamber session, also referred to as an "EPOC." With the EPOC, you stay in the chamber approximately ten minutes per minute. Like the CBOT, there is no pressure or time limit; you can come and go as you please within the ten minutes. Following your appointment, many clients have already reported that their physical symptoms have greatly improved or that the improvements have lasted several days.

Hyperbaric chambers have additional health benefits. During each hyperbaric oxygen treatment, your body absorbs up to nine pounds of pure oxygen, and it helps to increase your body's cellular oxygen content by restoring the oxygen levels in your cells. Pure oxygen is beneficial during exercise as well as other physical activities. You may even notice that you feel more energized and that your muscles and organs feel refreshed. Your immune system will benefit from the extra oxygen, and you may even see fewer colds or flu symptoms. As you may have guessed, the quality standards of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic are much higher than your average hospital.

The final recommendation is that hyperbaric clinics should allow you to leave the chamber for approximately twenty-four hours at a time. The reason that the facility wants to allow you to leave the chamber for so long is to prevent you from experiencing any of the negative side effects associated with staying in the chamber too long. The pressure can cause your body fluids to be pulled from your lungs, which results in loss of vital body fluids and electrolytes. Your body is able to replace those fluids as long as you are in the chamber, but if you stay too long without going back into the chamber, you could risk losing even more fluids.

It's important to remember that hyperbaric chambers do not treat any medical conditions; they simply increase your body's cellular oxygen content. This increased level of oxygen is very helpful when it comes to healing various physical problems. Because of this, hyperbaric chambers are often used for those who are suffering from such chronic health conditions as arthritis, COPD, and Lung Problems. Even if you do not suffer from any of these ailments, you may still want to consider having a hyperbaric chamber installed in your home or office. Not only can you expect to recover from any number of the above health conditions more quickly, but staying healthy in general is always good for your overall well being.

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