July 1, 2021

Importance of Hyperbaric Chambers

If you are an athlete, then the chances are that you have already heard of the new treatment called hyperbaric chamber for athletes. It is a medical method of keeping the athletes in a chamber of high pressure to recover from various injuries and damages sustained during sports. The hyperbaric chamber for athletes offers a number of unique benefits to the athletes that are undergoing the therapy. Let us take a look at some of them.

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

Athletes feel a lot better after the hyperbaric chamber therapy. The extreme physical training schedules and long travels often put a great amount of stress on the athletes' bodies. This is why the recovery phase gets even more important than the training program. The hyperbaric chamber for athletes facilitates in enhancing the overall recovery process and also reduces the complete physical strain and pressure being placed on your body.

There is a marked improvement in pulmonary function, respiratory capacity and total immune system functioning when you undergo the hyperbaric chamber treatment. Asthma is an example of an inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract that can cause serious complications. It can cause shortness of breath and coughing, which in turn can result in severe asthma attacks. The occurrence of asthma can lead to wheezing, difficulty in breathing and even death. In such a case, the hyperbaric chamber can be of immense help.

You can get relief from asthma by using the hyperbaric chamber. When you place your body in this type of treatment chamber, you will be enveloped with an extremely high level of oxygen in the pure form. This kind of environment helps in flushing out the toxins, impurities and other harmful materials from the lungs. The immune system is also strengthened and the oxygen that circulates in the body gets replaced completely. Thus you can also expect a boost in the immune system which will further safeguard you from many illnesses.

The hyperbaric chamber for athletes can also help in treating acute respiratory conditions that may be caused due to extreme exertion or some injury. The oxygen that circulates in the chamber helps in fighting against bacteria and viruses that can harm the lungs. The hyperbaric chamber for athletes can also help in curing chronic respiratory conditions such as bronchial asthma. Bronchial asthma occurs due to the inflammation of the respiratory tract, which is caused by allergies. Chronic bronchial asthma can be very hard to treat since it is caused due to inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

Hyperbaric chambers can treat symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease better than conventional medical treatments. This is one of the major reasons why many hospitals and health clinics are opting for hyperbaric oxygen therapies. An excellent side effect of hyperbaric chamber treatment for athletes is that it increases the oxygenation capacity of the lung tissues. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the human body and in turn leads to more energy. It also has several other beneficial effects on the human body. It can treat common flu and colds that tend to cause severe fatigue and make the patient feel weak.

A hyperbaric chamber can even help in improving sports performance of an athlete. It has been found that the oxygen level in the athletes' blood is higher when compared to the normal levels. The athletes can also train vigorously without fearing about sustaining any sort of injuries during the intense physical training sessions. The hyperbaric chamber can even help in curing some of the mental ailments of an athlete. Many athletes have reported positive changes after undergoing hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapies can also be conducted on patients with brain tumors. A patient is completely unaware of the amount of pressurized air being pumped into his body. During the hyperbaric chamber treatment, the tumor cells are killed by the intense light and high pressure. The final result is that the patient can experience removal of the tumor in a very short span of time.

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