July 6, 2021

Hyperbaric Therapy Near Me

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or Hyperbaric Chambers as it is more commonly known, can be extremely effective in the treatment of many types of illnesses. People with certain types of mental and physical challenges are able to benefit from this type of therapy. The human body has amazing healing properties, and with the assistance of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the body is able to repair itself naturally through its natural defenses. Autism is an excellent case study which demonstrates the amazing healing potential of hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

hyperbaric therapy near me

Many children suffer from the developmental disorder autism spectrum. Some have only mild cases, while others have completely autistic tendencies. Regardless of the severity of the patient's condition, the constant worry over the outcome can often prove overwhelming. The child will most likely spend large amounts of time inside their home alone, withdrawn from the outside world. This can be detrimental to overall psychological health, and can significantly delay recovery.

Hyperbaric or hBot therapy uses a two inch chamber to provide hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Patients are typically seated in a chair which is attached directly to the hBot unit. Typically, the patient will remain awake during the therapy but may be prompted to take a few short breaths. Throughout the therapy, the patient will experience the soothing effects of being exposed to extremely low levels of pressure. This is similar to being in a sauna, where the circulation is greatly increased due to the increased amount of water vapor in the air.

With the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for autism, the body is able to repair itself much faster than when treated with conventional wound healing. There are many benefits to this type of therapy for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. As previously mentioned, wounds are normally difficult to treat given the long length of time that they are exposed to the environment. This is true even for individuals with severe injuries. With hyperbaric chambers, wounds are treated quicker because the body is able to heal itself quickly.

Another benefit to hyperbaric oxygen therapies for autism is that the body is able to increase the amount of energy that is received. Patients usually have trouble staying awake during traditional wound healing methods and often fall asleep during treatments. While hyperbaric chamber treatments do cause a patient to become unconscious for a short period of time, they are not completely unconscious. Patients are able to stay awake during the therapy because they are receiving extra blood and oxygen while engaging in a beneficial physical activity.

While hyperbaric chambers can be used for many types of treatment, there are several that are specific to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. One method that is used to treat head injuries is the accelerated field of hyperbaric oxygen. This therapy is very effective for traumatic brain injury patients. The hyperbaric chamber is filled with water at a hyperbaric temperature of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit. The brain receives increased blood and oxygen flow due to the water's high temperature. The treatment helps to speed up the process of healing and recovery.

Home use of hyperbaric chambers is common for individuals who are undergoing physical therapy. Physical therapists can use the hyperbaric chamber to provide relief for physical ailments. Individuals with muscular pains or strains are typically placed in the hyperbaric chamber prior to physical therapy sessions. The hyperbaric chamber provides a safe and effective environment for physical therapy without causing any health risk to the patient. Safe procedures are used to ensure the utmost in patient safety.

Hyperbaric systems have proven to be extremely useful for many individuals who suffer from various conditions and diseases. They can also prove highly effective for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of certain illnesses. This therapy will offer many new benefits for your health and well-being. If you or a loved one are interested in using a portable hyperbaric chamber for home use, contact a provider today. The treatment may help you return to a healthier life.

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