July 6, 2021

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - What Does It Do?

Hyperbaric chambers have become the latest wave in rehabilitation medicine. Athletes and military personnel are finding that this treatment offers many benefits beyond pain management and speed of recovery. A Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers treatment can improve many aspects of an athlete's performance including endurance, strength, flexibility, and even balance and coordination. The oxygen saturation levels in a hyperbaric chamber are constantly changing due to the air pressure and the oxygen level in the chamber is replaced with pure oxygen throughout the treatment. The following list explains the six primary hyperbaric chamber benefits to better understand the value of this treatment...

hyperbaric chamber

A hyperbaric chamber gives a natural and safe solution to decompression sickness. This safe and effective alternative treatment uses the force of the pressurized gas embolism to stimulate your body s natural healing system and revitalize your injured or fatigued body. The following 6 hyperbaric chamber advantages show the tremendous value of HBOT as an injury treatment for a multitude of sports injuries...

- Greater muscle and skeletal densification With the increased fluid present in the hyperbaric chambers, the body can now hold more "gas" which is then spread throughout the body. Muscle tissue growth is stimulated and microtrauma is reduced. This process leads to increased bone density leading to an increase in lean tissue mass and an increase in muscular performance. This benefit has been proven using both dynamic and static strength tests.

- Helps prevent decompression sickness Injuries are commonly caused by an increase in pulmonary pressures and decreasing arterial pressures after certain types of activity. In a study done by NASA, hyperbaric chamber testing showed that patients who underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy from sea level pressure had significantly less pain and stress than those who underwent normal room air. Patients who had undergone oxygen therapy from sea level pressure also had a significant decrease in their respiration and heart rate. Hyperbaric chambers have been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve immunity and prevent injuries.

- Helps increase mental alertness and performance Hyperbaric chambers have also been shown to help individuals who are suffering from various brain impairments due to reduced oxygenation. For example, people with chronic asthmatic conditions and those with obstructive sleep apnea have been shown to see improvements after regularly using an in depth undersea laboratory. The hyperbaric chamber environment allows for increased oxygenation and exposure to varying levels of sea water vapor, ultra violet light, blue light and gamma radiation. These various conditions are known to be detrimental to the brain.

- Helps decrease symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder. - Helps promote healing in burn victims. - Slows the recovery process in those with conditions like multiple sclerosis and osteoarthritis. - Promotes a general feeling of well being in healthy individuals. - Is considered as one of the most cost effective methods of alternative medicine because it does not use any traditional chemicals and is completely safe to use.

- Chris Gibson, CEO and Scientific Advisor at Hyperbaric Chamber Company states, "There have been many claims that oxygen therapies or hyperbaric chambers can cure or treat almost any physical problem. The truth is we just don't know. Science and experimentation are ongoing, but so far there has been no concrete proof that hyperbaric chamber therapy can cure disease." However, according to some therapists who use hyperbaric chambers frequently, patients have experienced pain relief from such illnesses like fibromyalgia. In addition, clinical studies have proven the chamber's ability to alleviate sleep apnea in various patients.

Hyperbaric chambers can be used for various purposes, the primary purpose being for physical therapy and healing. Patients can expect an almost immediate feeling of warmth, comfort, weightlessness and even floating. The hyperbaric chamber environment helps restore balance between the body's systems. This can result to better immune system, higher energy level, better mental functioning and even increase your sex drive!

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