July 20, 2021

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Near Me

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an effective treatment that many doctors around the world are recommending to counteract a wide array of illnesses. But one common question that hangs in every patient's mind is, "How to select the proper clinic for hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use?" While finding the right hospital or clinic to receive this treatment is not a simple task, there are several factors you should consider to help make your decision. Below are the factors that should be analyzed prior to choosing any place to receive hyperbaric oxygen treatment:

hyperbaric therapy near me

The Physical Environment: Located in the basement or attic of a house, most houses do not have suitable conditions for home hyperbaric oxygen therapies. The temperature outside should be at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Most likely, your chosen clinic's hot chamber will be located in a colder area. During winter months, it would be advisable to schedule the sessions several times a week, while during the summer it is better to cut back on the number of sessions.

The Staff: Hyperbaric oxygen therapies are best administered by a certified medical staff with training in hyperbaric oxygen technology. Hiring the right medical staff can significantly affect the outcome of the hyperbaric therapy session. For instance, an inexperience nurse or technician could potentially cause the patient harm because of improperly administered drugs during the treatment. It is best to hire professionals with many years of experience so they can efficiently monitor your condition and administer the necessary drugs as needed.

The Equipment: It is important that the equipment used in hyperbaric oxygen therapies are safe and effective. The equipment used must be of the highest quality to minimize the possibility of adverse effects from chemical interactions during therapy. Many medical facilities lack the proper equipment to perform hyperbaric chamber treatments. Before choosing a medical facility, inquire about equipment availability and costs.

Autism Caregivers: With the rising prevalence of autism, it has become increasingly important for individuals with autism spectrum disorders to have their own specialized environment. One way to accomplish this is through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapies at home. A professionally trained technician can ensure safety during the treatment, and can also instruct home care givers on how to effectively perform the treatment. Home healthcare workers, such as home health aides and personal care assistants who are trained to administer HRT can greatly benefit individuals with autism spectrum disorders by offering a sense of independence and protection.

I'm Not An Autistic: Many individuals with autism spectrum disorders suffer from sensory processing issues and rely on others to take them in and help them relax. During hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, individuals receive one-on-one attention from a technician who will teach them how to properly breathe, complete various tasks, and monitor their heart rate and temperature. While the individual is receiving care from the hyperbaric chamber, the staff can evaluate how they are coping or ignoring the environment. Once an individual's condition has stabilized, the trained caretakers can then return home and take over the care of the patient. Individuals with autism who take advantage of home hyperbaric oxygen therapies often find their symptoms, reducing or completely disappearing, even during home care.

Measurable Results: When using hyperbaric chambers, healthcare providers can get immediate feedback on the performance of the patient. This allows them to make appropriate changes in order to maximize the results. After a patient completes a hyperbaric oxygen treatment session, their oxygen level and composition is returned to normal. The trained medical professionals monitoring the environment can then make any necessary adjustments in order to maintain optimal health for the patient.

Professional Results for Children and Adults With Autism: Hyperbaric chamber treatments have proven successful when administered to adults with autism and cognitive impairment. The treatment can even be helpful in treating mild forms of depression. Research conducted at the University of Manchester in the UK showed that hyperbaric oxygen therapies were highly effective at relieving symptoms in patients with mild to moderate autism. The hyperbaric chamber therapy also resulted in a significant increase in overall brain protein levels. It is believed that these changes help the body properly absorb and utilize nutrients and oxygen.

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