July 10, 2021

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - My Story

As a child I remember when a friend of mine was told that hyperbaric treatment (oxygen and nitrogen) would help him with autism. He also said that hyperbaric chamber therapy (also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy or simply hyperbaric oxygen therapy) would be good for his other mental health conditions. When I asked him why he said that because of all the bacteria, viruses, and toxins in the air, it was important to get the patient's body as clean as possible so that the hyperbaric chamber could kill off any of these "infections" in the patient's body.

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He didn't say anything about hyperbaric chamber therapy being good for autism. But it was obvious from his face that he was very excited about this new treatment. He had come to the conclusion that autistic children were truly different and had totally no connection to typical children. He said that hyperbaric chambers would help them heal.

The man in the hospital room said that he had heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy many times before and knew of several people who had benefited from it. He referred me to an office for further information. Soon after the doctor came out I asked him if hyperbaric therapy would benefit me. He said that if I was a good candidate for receiving the therapy I might have some of my symptoms diminished or even disappear altogether.

I went to the hospital to get a complete physical and was told that I had no risk for brain injury. Hyperbaric therapy did not lessen my symptoms in any way. I am a fighter and took every opportunity to fight back against my hyperbaric chamber. However, the hyperbaric chamber had no affect on me in any way.

Later that day I went back to the doctor's office to discuss the hyperbaric chamber again. This time however, I was told that hyperbaric chamber treatments were only suitable for people who are suffering from a severe stroke or have a life-threatening medical condition that could cause oxygen deprivation. I now know why my symptoms were spared. The hyperbaric chamber saved my life! It prevented a possible heart attack from occurring. Again, there is no doubt that hyperbaric chamber therapy has helped many people with oxygen deprivation or brain injury.

A few weeks later my symptoms are once again noticeable. I cannot remember the exact date but it was after receiving a treatment of two hours in a six inch oxygen chamber. I can recall vividly the feeling of pure oxygen rushing into my body as I slept. It was as if I was being lifted up into the air. That night I dreamed of being a free man and floating in the clouds - the hot chamber therapy near me acting like a parachute.

The hyperbaric chamber treatment is a very serious medical treatment and should not be taken lightly. Although hyperbaric chambers may seem similar to ordinary hot tubs, this is a very different healing process. This process is very expensive and will usually require multiple treatments before any long term health benefits can be achieved. People who would benefit from this procedure include anyone recovering from a traumatic brain injury or those who have had stroke or undergone surgery and require an increased level of oxygen intake.

My hyperbaric chamber story is one of a great many in the world of hyperbaric therapy and medical spa treatments. Although the majority of these hyperbaric chambers are located in professional medical facilities, some can be found for home use. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment may just be the ticket to freedom from many of the physical ailments that plague our society today. Please investigate the many benefits of home hyperbaric chambers as a possible permanent health solution.

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