August 19, 2021

Hyperbaric Oxygen - A Near-Term Treatment For Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is used to treat many ailments and conditions. The Healing Process like that of conventional physical therapy (M MOT), but with the additional benefit of low pressure-free healing inside an enclosed, controlled atmosphere. There are also numerous possible medical benefits to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT.) Research into this type of therapy has produced some amazing results in the areas of pain management, tissue repair and the ability to boost immune system function. This healing process is ideal for treating a wide range of conditions and can even be used for healing in the patient's home.

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Recently, I was able to use hyperbaric chambers as part of my physical therapy treatment program for my son's condition on the lower leg. After completing a 6 week course of HBOT at the Center for Laser Medicine and Hyperbaric Technology in Denver, I was excited to start on my home hyperbaric chambers treatment. I couldn't wait to get home and add the result to my treatment plan for my son.

I'd like to share with you my complete experience, from beginning to end, with my son's initial diagnosis to the day he entered the hyperbaric oxygen chambers and completed the first week of his ward stay. I hope that my story will give you insight into what to expect, what to do and how to best respond to your child's needs for healing. I'd love to hear what you've learned about hyperbaric chambers as a parent and as a caregiver.

I'd like to begin by sharing that when my son arrived at the Center for Laser Medicine and Hyperbaric Technology in Denver, CO, he had only one major wound - an ankle sprain. He had no other wounds or significant pain. The hyperbaric oxygen chambers saved his life. There were no other procedures or medications needed to begin the wound healing process.

We were ready to go home that day and hyperbaric therapy near me in the patient room started the healing benefits. Immediately, we saw and felt improvements in our boy's skin. His skin was bright and healthy looking, he laughed more, was more active and alert and actually enjoyed playing with his toys again. The healing benefits went on throughout the next several weeks and beyond.

21 months later, my son is still in the chamber and doing very well. His wound healing has been very advanced and now looks very natural and it's amazing how much just hyperbaric oxygen therapy added to his overall well being.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapies are very safe. The equipment is certified by the FDA and ISO. Many clinical studies have shown that hyperbaric chamber therapy near my son has absolutely no ill side effects whatsoever. Children are very excited to be receiving this treatment for treating autism. This is probably one of the most exciting advances in modern medicine. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that hyperbaric oxygen therapies will work for your child.

2 There are many different ways hyperbaric oxygen therapies can be administered at home or in a clinic. One way is to have the therapist to administer the therapy near my son's bed while he is sleeping. Another method is for the therapist to go into the room with the child and do the treatment there. I believe that this is the safest way because the therapist can monitor your child's physical health during the therapy and know when to adjust the settings so he is receiving the right level of treatment and at the right time.

My son has had very good results with hyperbaric chamber therapy. He has gone from dealing mainly in coping skills to being able to hold large conversation with others and participating in normal conversation. His anxiety has greatly decreased and his physical healing has accelerated. He has had significant improvement in his communication skills, self-esteem, in developing greater self awareness, and now enjoys life again and is looking forward to spending more quality time with his family.

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