August 20, 2021

Hyperbaric Chambers For Athletes and Other Medical Professionals

Hyperbaric chamber for athletes offers a unique training and rehabilitation treatment option for athletes. The chamber can deliver beneficial short term and long-term results, including increased strength, better flexibility, better cardiovascular health, better overall fitness, and an overall increase in overall body stamina. How do you feel after hyperbaric chamber for athletes?

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

After completing a hyperbaric chamber session, most people say they feel more refreshed and energized. Patients normally report an increase in their heart rate and blood flow as well as feelings of fatigue and stress relief. People commonly report a decrease in pain after completing the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. Although many professionals caution against the use of hyperbaric chamber treatments for people with preexisting conditions or with respiratory issues, there has been no adverse side effects reported by most patients.

Strengthening and Toning Recovery The hyperbaric chamber does an excellent job of rebuilding your body tissues and supporting cells that are injured or damaged. Because of the increase in available oxygen, your brain receives an abundance of nutrients that promote brain cell regeneration. Additionally, because of the relative insulating properties of pure oxygen, your body's tissues are less likely to become inflamed and damaged due to heat or friction. With the right training and nutrition in addition to the hyperbaric chamber, athletes can expect to increase in performance and decrease in injury over time.

Preventing Injuries One of the primary reasons why the hyperbaric chamber is so beneficial for athletes is that it prevents concussions and other sports injuries. concussions are the most common sport injuries that athletes suffer from. Concussions occur when the head is hit accidentally or during an active sporting event when the athlete is not adequately protected by protective equipment. The oxygen that is in the hyperbaric chamber and the high-pressure dryer that it generates is a completely natural environment that is conducive to preventing traumatic brain injuries caused by concussions.

Physical Therapy An additional benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it can provide athletes with the physical relief they need after sustaining a sports injury. Athletes who sustain concussions often experience a variety of symptoms including pain, dizziness, nausea, headaches, memory loss and mood swings. When the athlete has access to pure oxygen in the form of a hyperbaric chamber, they can receive the physical care they need to recover more quickly. This treatment also promotes mental health and the release of stress.

Sports Injuries While many professionals recommend that physical therapists allow their patients to return to activity level quickly following sports injuries, many professional athletes prefer to try other methods first. If pure oxygen therapy is recommended by the physician, it can help speed recovery by reducing the amount of time the patient is off their feet. This type of therapy also helps increase the flow of oxygen into the muscles, which improves the strength, range of motion, and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the injured area. Athletes who have suffered from concussions and other sports injuries have also stated that the symptoms they experienced after sustaining the injury were reduced when they began regular hyperbaric chamber treatments. They were able to regain their full strength and ability to move on their own sooner following the treatments.

Sports Specific Chamber An athletic athlete can be put into a custom-designed, compact chamber which will transport them to a pure oxygen chamber while they receive physical therapy and rehabilitation from their chosen specialist. The unique chambers are available in both standard and hyperbaric sizes and are customized to the exact measurements and dimensions of the athlete's body. This chamber can help prevent further injuries and shorten the recovery time of those who are already injured. It also provides many athletes with an added measure of confidence in their recovery process and ability to recover faster following their accident.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers For athletes and other medical professionals looking for a less intrusive alternative to the traditional oxygen therapy methods, hyperbaric chambers can be transported to the site of treatment using a specialized portable oxygen concentrator. These units feature an air compressor that delivers pressurized air to the chambers which are customized and sized to the individual body size and needs of the patient. This type of portability makes it easy to transport the hyperbaric chamber for athletes or to the site of treatment when they require the chamber for a limited period of time. Since the portable models are powered by a lithium battery, there is no need to worry about the battery running out of power and having to return to the emergency room. The chambers can also be used in place of an IV, but there is no way to get the nutrients and oxygen directly into the athlete's body.

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