August 1, 2021

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chambers have been associated with many medical breakthroughs, and their effectiveness has been proven time again. During World War I and World War II, soldiers were found to be less prone to influenza and pneumonia after being regularly exposed to high levels of pure oxygen. Hyperbaric Chambers have also been used in the treatment of those suffering from stroke, head trauma, and other high-level injuries. In fact, the Royal Air Force used hyperbaric chamber treatments to treat its pilots before and during WWII.

hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric Chambers are composed of a closed tube, which is filled with pressurized air at all times. This pressurized air is rich in oxygen and highly pressurized, causing the body's metabolism to raise dramatically. The increased metabolic rate results in more energy which the body can then use to fight off stress and fatigue. If subjected to even the smallest amount of stress, your body will release large amounts of histamines, which are needed for an active defense. The increased energy also makes it easier for the body to recover damaged tissues. Many athletes use hyperbaric chamber treatments prior to an event in an attempt to increase endurance and boost the body's ability to recover.

The goal of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HOT) process is to introduce oxygen to the cellular level, and this has the effect of stimulating the cells and improving overall immune function. While the body does not naturally produce HHO, the hyperbaric chamber provides the needed environment. There are four different types of hyperbaric chambers that can be used for the treatment of various illnesses. The type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy that is used depends on what type of illness the patient is being treated for. If someone is having a cold or allergies they will typically be given the allergen reduction hyperbaric chamber. If someone has cancer they will most likely receive the hyperbaric oxygen therapy that is most effective at killing cancer cells.

An example of a medical condition that can benefit from personal hyperbaric chambers are those with lung conditions. Individuals with bronchitis will often receive treatment in these chambers as well as those with other respiratory ailments. The lungs of individuals with respiratory conditions will become very efficient and able to remove waste materials from their bodies more quickly. Hyperbaric chambers also work well for individuals who have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). These individuals may need to reduce the amount of oxygen they are taking in, but with the regular use of the hyperbaric chamber, they will achieve stable breathing gases and will be able to take in a greater amount of oxygen than they would with supplemental breathing gas. With this type of treatment, the lungs of the individual suffering from COPD will function more efficiently.

Another medical condition which can benefit from the use of these chambers includes those with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder which occurs when an individual stops breathing while they are asleep. The hyperbaric chamber can be used during restful sleep to increase the flow of oxygen into the body. This helps to improve the quality of the individual's sleep and the overall health of the person's entire body. When combined with other oxygen treatment schedules such as the Positive Air Pressure system, the chamber can help to improve the quality of life for people with sleep apnea.

Another medical condition which can benefit from the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is heart disease. Heart disease can be caused by several factors including buildup of plaques within the arteries of the heart. These plaques can decrease the efficiency of the blood flowing through the arteries and increase the risk of the heart diseases associated with them. The use of the chamber can help to remove the accumulated plaques in the arteries so that blood flow is improved and the heart functions more efficiently. The plastic tube used to install the chambers also helps to prevent the oxygen molecules from leaking out of the chamber and into the body.

In some cases, the chamber may be used to treat tumors. Tumors can occur in many parts of the body including the neck, lungs, brain, and other organs. Because the chamber may place increased pressure into these particular areas, the tumor cells are unable to survive without additional oxygen. Once they are unable to sustain themselves, the cells die and the chamber may close.

The decompression chamber has also proven to be useful in helping to improve the functioning of divers who are struggling to maintain adequate breathing while they are in the water. While diving, there are times when the divers may not be able to breathe in pure oxygen due to the water pressure around them. However, the decompression chamber can allow for the constant supply of compressed oxygen that allows a person to have sufficient air to breathe at all times. This makes the use of hyperbaric chambers very beneficial in helping to increase a diver's ability to dive without an increase in air pressures. This also makes the decompression chambers useful in helping to increase lung function and assist in the healing of tissues that have been damaged by extreme pressures.

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