August 3, 2021

Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes - How Hyperbaric Therapy Helps Athletes

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes - How Hyperbaric Therapy Helps Athletes

During an athletic event or physical therapy session, one of the most common post-exercise challenges faced is ensuring adequate oxygen supply to the brain. Although traditionally seen as a treatment for stroke or heart disease, hyperbaric chamber therapy is used instead to treat many traumatic injuries and chronic illnesses. During a typical hyperbaric chamber recovery session, an injured professional athlete can enter a pressurized, enclosed cylinder called a hyperbaric chamber equipped with a wide variety of oxygen molecules, gases, and gasses. On securing the seal mechanism, an athlete then can self-regulate the delivery of pure, unadulterated oxygen throughout a facial mask, hose, or tubes.

Hyperbaric chambers have been found to significantly reduce the effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in athletes and patients suffering from chronic illnesses, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. This benefit has been proven even more beneficial in individuals who suffer from serious concussions, multiple sclerosis (MS), or head trauma. The oxygen-rich environment in a hyperbaric chamber has also been shown to help alleviate symptoms associated with depression, dementia, and fatigue. These are but some of the long term and short term benefits of this unique therapy for athletes.

While most professionals utilize a hyperbaric chamber on a routine and consistent basis for rehabilitation and therapy purposes, athletes may not do so for a variety of reasons. One reason that athletes may not receive full benefit from hyperbaric chamber therapy is because the process of entering the hyperbaric chamber and returning to normal atmospheric conditions is difficult for the most physically fit individuals. In addition to the challenges associated with returning to normal atmospheric oxygen levels, athletes also risk losing some of the oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber during their workout. If this happens, there is a high risk of brain damage, or brain death if it occurs while the patient is still within the chamber. It is vital that if this does occur that the patient is returned to normal atmospheric conditions as soon as possible to avoid irreversible brain damage.

Another reason that many athletes may not be able to benefit from hyperbaric chamber therapy is the lack of an environment that will help foster stem cell proliferation. Stem cells are found in the bone marrow and are responsible for developing new bones, muscles, and tissues. When a person is injured, they usually receive a large amount of blood and other nutrients to help repair the tissue. However, without a good environmental factor, the blood can circulate too quickly, causing bone deterioration. Athletes will want to stay as healthy as possible, and a good environment will promote this.

Oxygen barons provide a number of unique benefits to sportspersons. One is the increase in energy levels. As previously mentioned, it increases oxygen consumption, which allows an athlete to have more energy to perform more intense workouts. Hyperbaric chambers also help an athlete to recover from sports injuries faster because they increase the circulation and metabolic rate of the body. This allows the athlete to heal faster than with standard room air treatments.

The hyperbaric chamber has also been shown to enhance mental performance. Many athletes suffer from psychological problems due to their physical conditioning. The oxygen therapy improves the immune system of the athlete, allowing them to focus on training instead of their injury. They will feel more alert, and their minds will be clear. Sportspersons that have been involved in traumatic accidents have shown to improve their concentration and mental focus when they were placed in a chamber. An athlete is better equipped to concentrate on their game and recovery.

Athletes can receive hyperbaric treatments in the comfort of their own home. This treatment is completely safe for most people who are healthy. The hyperbaric chamber consists of an oxygen-rich solution that is compressed into a small area. A gas-fueled system distributes the pressurized unadulterated air throughout the entire chamber, providing a rich environment for the tissues to recover faster. An athlete or the patient can recover from any injury in as little as three days.

Hyperbaric therapy for athletes has been a popular alternative treatment for athletes who want to improve their health and recovery time after an injury. The hyperbaric chamber has also been used as an additional healing method after major surgery and procedures for people with severe burns. Patients have experienced increased healing speed and benefits other than just increased energy and oxygen levels. Other benefits include mental clarity, faster recovery, and more focused exercise.

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