August 28, 2021

How to Use Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

How to Use Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes

Hyperbaric chamber for athletes is a modern method of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for various types of diseases and injuries. These chambers are generally installed in big medical centers and are used to administer pure oxygen to a single or several individuals at a time. The therapy in these hyperbaric Chambers must be administered under the supervision of qualified medical staff to avoid any kind of physiological or health complications. While in the chamber, the individual's body tends to get warm due to the presence of pure oxygen. There are several symptoms which can become annoying and discomforting with regular use.

Most of the symptoms experienced while hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments are respiratory related. Chamber users may feel as if there is an increase in their heart rate and blood pressure. However, this is a normal feeling as the increased blood flow in the lungs is a normal response to the sudden increase in the oxygen level in the blood. In order to control these undesirable feelings and reactions, patients are strongly recommended not to go beyond the normal limits during the HBOT session.

When an individual becomes unconscious due to lack of oxygen, he/she enters what is called "the hyperbaric maze". This maze is made up of highly compressed air and the brain. It is the brain's way of reacting to the fact that there is a sudden drop in the blood pressure and rising body temperature. While in the chamber instantly, the brain senses the change in environment and the reaction is delayed.

With the sudden increase in the oxygen level, the immune system starts working extremely hard to combat the increasing threat. This leads to faster healing time of any injuries or damage on the cellular level. Hyperbaric therapy was initially developed for medical purposes only but has been adapted to many sectors such as sports medicine, military, emergency services and law enforcement. Athletes have benefited greatly from this technology which makes it possible for athletes to get back into the sporting action at a short notice.

Athletes suffer from a lot of injuries and damages because of intense stress on their bodies when they are engaged in physical activity. During the training process, they train very hard without rest. But with hBot, it does not take them that much rest because the hyperbaric Chambers can prevent the occurrence of overtraining. The cellular level repair is accelerated when the body is exposed to oxygen rich conditions and this is what makes not so successful in helping athletes recover from injury.

HBot therapy works perfectly for athletes suffering from various injuries and damages caused by training and competition. Whether it is Arthritis, tendonitis, muscle pain, joint stiffness, bruises, etc, athletes can get long-term relief from the symptoms they are suffering from. In fact, some of these problems take months or even years to heal after an injury. With hyperbaric chamber for athletes, the healing process accelerates.

Many athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber for athletes during training to prevent injury and enhance performance. They also use it during competitions to recover quickly. After training, most players need a few days of rest in order to let their muscles to rest and recuperate. But with hBot, it allows athletes to be able to play sports again without much worry. Players can train hard again within a few days of the tournament with very minimal downtime. Even if players have minor injuries or damages, they can still perform to their full potential and complete their tournament successfully.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely used by athletes for quite some time now and it continues to gain popularity due to its many benefits. Although many competitors think that this kind of therapy is only helpful for professional athletes, this is not always true. HBot has been known to benefit most athletes who want to speed up rehabilitation of injuries and increase their fitness levels. The benefits are endless; therefore, athletes can always count on it whenever they face injuries that hinder their normal activities or major sporting events.

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