July 1, 2021

How Can Portable Hyperbaric Chambers Help You?

portable hyperbaric chamber

How Can Portable Hyperbaric Chambers Help You?

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers (PCH) are designed to be used as emergency medical treatment for severe cases of emergency mountain sickness (ASH, AMS), high altitude acute mountain disease (HAAM), or high altitudes cerebral palsy (CPC). These chambers are designed to provide oxygen therapy when short supply oxygen is critical. Hyperbaric chambers have the advantage of a near 100% oxygen concentration compared to that of normal breathing. Patients in a hyperbaric chamber can experience relief from many symptoms of various types of illnesses, including muscular fatigue, pain and swelling, and dizziness. Portable Hyperbaric Chambers also can improve symptoms of arthritis, COPD, and pneumonia.

Athletes and military personnel benefit from the increased energy, increased fitness, improved heart functioning, and less stress while working out. Many sports teams use portable hyperbaric chamber equipment to increase overall stamina and performance and reduce the amount of fatigue and rest after strenuous workouts. Portable Hyperbaric Chambers are often used in athletes training at higher altitudes, such as athlete's training in cycling, running, skiing, football, and mountain climbing. For these sports, the chambers are essential and the equipment must last at higher altitudes and in less intense environments.

For injured soldiers and veterans, physical therapy can provide relief from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by using portable hyperbaric chamber therapy. Military members returning from deployment or those returning from foreign wars are at high risk for experiencing traumatic brain injuries. Sport athletes suffering from head injuries can also benefit from this type of therapy. Sports therapy can also be beneficial for patients with spinal cord injuries that have resulted in chronic pain or paralysis. With a hyperbaric oxygen therapy system and customized equipment, these patients can improve their overall health and recuperation time.

A portable hyperbaric chamber uses pressurized air to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The air is mixed with compressed nitrogen, which eliminates the need for oxygen to enter the body. Because the body does not need to provide oxygen, there is no need for a patient to wait for an actual shortage of oxygen in order to benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatment. These chambers can be used in a vehicle or other enclosed areas. They are also used to treat burns, cuts, and bruises of all types.

The only limitation of a portable hyperbaric chamber is the altitude in which it is used. Most individuals can handle a high altitude chamber comfortably, but others will not be able to tolerate the pressure and force on their bodies at high altitudes. Individuals who have a history of giddiness or nausea should not buy a portable hyperbaric chamber because of this problem. Individuals suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD should also avoid buying a portable hyperbaric chamber because of the potential exposure to their medical problems.

How will a portable hyperbaric chamber help my asthma condition? An individual with asthma should consider how the hyperbaric chamber will affect his or her ability to breathe at sea level. Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system that causes difficulty in breathing. A hyperbaric chamber can increase the oxygen saturation of the body from a normal level to over 100%. This increased level of oxygen saturation can help asthmatics by providing them with a faster recovery time from asthma attacks and a more effective way to manage their condition.

Can athletes use a portable hyperbaric chamber to recover faster from injuries? A portable hyperbaric chamber can be an excellent tool for recovering from a sports related injury. Many athletes use these chambers after they have suffered sports related injuries. Because the chamber provides a highly enriched environment for the athlete to recover in, many athletes notice immediate improvements in their health conditions including pain management and rehabilitation.

Can a portable hyperbaric chamber replace physical therapy and chiropractic services? A number of health care professionals have started using portable hyperbaric Chambers because they believe it to be a better alternative to patients who choose other therapies or chiropractic services. Many individuals who choose alternative therapies are unhappy with the traditional ways in which they are treated. Portable chambers offer an alternative to individuals who are unhappy with the standard practices of their health care professional.

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