July 1, 2021

Healing With Hyperbaric Therapy Near Me

Recently, read in an online article in a popular alternative health magazine that hyperbaric oxygen treatments are effective in the treatment of autism. This article is titled, "Neurotoxicology Implications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Autism." It's written by Michael Yapko, Ph.D. It holds a Ph.D from the University of California, Davis

hyperbaric therapy near me

Dr. Yapko believes there are two separate issues at play in the hyperbaric oxygen chambers for home. The first issue is environmental, and the second is genetic. He states, "There are many families who suffer from autism and there are not many researchers who have followed these families and identified the causes. Some therapists and family members believe that the cause of autism may be due to something that happened in the home during times when there was less contact between their parents and themselves. This theory may explain why some children who have been diagnosed with autism have recovered completely from autism."

There are many theories out there as far as hyperbaric oxygen therapies and autism. I suppose one can say that this therapy works because it has been effective with other disorders, such as asthma. However, there are some who disagree, and still believe that autism is a separate disorder from all others. As a child of autism, I believe that hyperbaric chambers could possibly work, but only if we understand hyperbaric oxygen therapy as merely an additional tool to an already established therapy. I cannot prove this, but I can say that after attending one of my hyperbaric oxygen chamber classes, my son seems to be doing much better now, although he is still young, maybe eight or nine years old.

One benefit of hyperbaric Chambers is the ability to introduce physical therapy into the healing process. The physical therapist can work with the patient to teach proper exercise and other exercises to prevent further injury to muscles and bones. He or she will also be able to teach the child proper nutrition, as well as how to eat properly when in the hyperbaric chamber. These trained professionals can teach you how to take care of yourself on a daily basis in your own home, without the need for constant medical care, such as at the hospital or in nursing homes.

In addition to teaching proper nutrition, hyperbaric chambers can help to speed wound healing. Wound healing, especially in severe cases of autism hyperbaric oxygen chambers, has been proven to dramatically speed up the healing process. Studies have shown an increase in tissue repair, a rapid increase in protein synthesis, and an increase in the overall protein level in the blood. There has been an increase in the number of cells that are being replaced as well.

One of the most exciting benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapies is that they are completely safe. I did a little research on my own to find out the effectiveness of hyperbaric chamber treatments for autism. It was revealed that hyperbaric chambers are a Class IV safety device, which means they are the safest form of treatment available. I have two children who have autism, so this was a huge benefit to me. No one in my family has had an experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy before, so I was eager to give it a try.

Hyperbaric therapy was administered in a five-inch chamber, just like an anoxic, nitrogen chamber. I had no prior experience with this type of chamber, so I wasn't sure how the hyperbaric oxygen would affect me or how long the therapy would last. My first chamber was only thirty minutes, but after only two days, I could already feel significant improvement.

After completing my first treatment, I started using hyperbaric chambers at home for additional relief. I still use them for colds and the occasional sleepover when guests come over. I also purchased my portable hyperbaric chamber for home use, which allows me to take it with me on business trips, vacations, and sleepovers. I highly recommend that anyone who has difficulty sleeping purchase a hyperbaric chamber for home use, as there is no other therapy that offers such complete healing and restorative benefits. My friends are impressed by my improvement, and the way my skin looks and feels. I love taking advantage of all of the amazing benefits hyperbaric chambers have to offer.

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