August 24, 2021

HBot Help Increases Sports Recovery

portable hyperbaric chamber

HBot Help Increases Sports Recovery

Portable hyperbaric chambers (also known as HABO chambers) are intended to be used for emergency, rapid response treatment of serious conditions of acute mountain sickness (AMS), high mountain altitude (HMLA), or high altitude cerebral palsy (HCPC), by those who can not reach treatment centers in hospitals. They can be deflated to the point that one can carry them about and use them at home. A medical-grade hyperbaric system is an oxygen delivery system. These systems contain various specialized volumes and tanks. They are used in the emergency treatment of various respiratory conditions.

The most common use of a portable hyperbaric chamber is to treat persons with very low ambient oxygen levels (often due to a hypoxia or coma) after surgery or other emergency treatments. During this period, the body cannot absorb oxygen and the lungs are deprived of it. The chambers can also be used to achieve a rapid rise in the serum oxygen saturation (known as the blood pressure) in the emergency-care patients. It is believed that the rise in the pressure of the blood can reduce morbidity and mortality in many types of illnesses.

Different chambers are available for different purposes. The most common of them is the standard-sized, upright (aka "pilot") hyperbaric chamber. It can support a person up to a capacity of 140 pounds. In order to ascend to higher altitudes, there are pressurized chambers available. And, to descend from very high altitudes, there are spiral-shaped, pressurized chambers called a "diaphragm chamber."

Athletes and special forces are believed to greatly benefit from the use of portable hyperbaric chamber therapy. This therapy can be given prior to, during and after athletic events, such as sprinting, jumping, lifting weights, and running. Athletes can also benefit from this therapy, while in training for a particular event. A study was done in which university track and field athletes were randomly assigned to receive one of two different treatments: a home hyperbaric chamber or a sports chamber resembling an outdoor basketball court.

The results showed that there was a significant improvement in all four measures, with the athletes reporting a greater ability to focus on their performance. It is also believed that the portable hyperbaric chamber's ability to elevate oxygen levels in the body's arterial system and airways increased the efficiency with which it expedited the healing process for torn ligaments and tendons. In addition, there were a reduction in pain and swelling following the treatment. Another benefit noted was that there was a faster return to normal levels following the treatment. The portable hyperbaric chamber is a cost-effective solution to the athlete's needs for oxygen therapy.

Athletic events such as football and lacrosse have also shown positive results with the use of portable hyperbaric chambers. Sports scientists at Penn State University did an experiment with a group of high school soccer players. They divided the group into two groups; one group received a saline solution to help hydrate and lubricate the muscles; the other group received a hyperbaric chamber to help them perform better and recover quicker between games. The results showed a difference in performance among the groups. Players who received the portable hyperbaric chamber showed a 7% higher intensity in muscle recovery. The athletes who took the hyperbaric chamber to recover showed a 3% lower heart rate and a 4% lower blood pressure than the group who took a saline solution.

Athletes can reap the same benefits from these chambers by using them prior to, during and after athletic events. The portable hyperbaric chamber provides the athlete with the convenience of being able to transport the unit to the location where he or she will be performing the sport. There are also many portable hyperbaric chambers available that can be used in a vehicle or locker room setting.

With the increasing number of sports injuries and athlete-related illnesses, it is imperative that athletes have access to a safe and efficient recovery area. This has led to the innovation of the portable hyperbaric chamber. These chambers utilize the principles of pressurized gas to infuse oxygen into the athlete's body. The oxygen saturation level is increased inside the chamber, which helps restore the cellular level and assist with the healing process. The portable hyperbaric chamber's ability to infuse oxygen into the body has proven beneficial to many athletes.

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