March 24, 2021

Top 7 Medical Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

Top 7 Medical Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

Benefits of Hyperbaric

Hyperbaric chambers are an alternative to traditional surgical procedures and body heals. The healing process is similar to that of physical therapy (MOT), but with the added benefit of pressure-free healing within an enclosed, controlled environment. There is a multitude of potential benefits to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This all natural, non-invasive therapy has proven to be a very effective way to rapidly recover from injury or illness. The following six benefits explain the real value of Hyperbaric Chambers as a health care treatment for a multitude of physical injuries, illnesses and diseases...

Immune System Boost - In sports and military training, higher exertion will always produce greater challenges for the immune system. The increase in atmospheric pressure will always increase the challenge to the immune system's ability to fight off infection causing organisms. The high exertion and increased workload of training and competition can actually trigger the immune system into a hyperactive state, which increases the likelihood for infections and other health complications. Hyperbaric Chambers allow for increased exertion which will naturally boost the immune system's ability to ward of and recover from stress and overuse.

Muscle Recovery and Building - Athletes use hyperbaric chamber therapy to speed up the rehabilitation process and repair damaged muscles. Severe trauma such as the recent Orlando Pulse Massacre and the September 11th Terrorist attacks on America have spurred a new interest in hyperbaric oxygen therapies to speed up the bodies natural healing process. The body's natural ability to quickly and efficiently repair damaged muscle tissue after strenuous exercise and physical training is further enhanced with the use of pure oxygen.

Pain Relief - Hyperbaric Chambers can be used for pain management in many different settings. They are a great way to ease soreness and prevent injuries by supporting low-impact physical therapy and military training. The consistent exposure to high-pressure can also reduce inflammation and can even kill off harmful bacteria and fungi that cause infections. Research has shown that hyperbaric medical therapy can significantly reduce pain associated with traumatic brain injury, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injuries and other neuromuscular and vascular disorders.

Stimulation of Nerve and Muscle Healing - Hyperbaric chambers can stimulate the repair of injured or scarred tissues and increase the overall efficiency at which the body heals itself. This process is similar to that of the human body's natural repair process. The body replaces worn out cells with new ones while healthy tissue is replaced with elastic tissue that is more pliable. Hyperbaric pressurized oxygen therapy has been shown to increase the speed of tissue growth and to promote the regeneration of tissues damaged by disease or injury.

Helps Treat Asthma - Hyperbaric chambers have been found to greatly help those who suffer from asthma. Increased pressure in the air causes the airways to swell, which in turn reduces the flow of air into the lungs. Hyperbaric chambers help to remedy this by increasing the air flow and helping to increase the lung capacity. As the lungs fill with oxygen it will force out carbon dioxide, which in turn helps to calm and ease the symptoms of asthma. People who suffer from asthma should consult their doctor about using the hyperbaric chamber for treatment.

Helps Treat Physical Therapy Needs - Hyperbaric chambers have been found to work exceptionally well in helping those who suffer from physical therapy needs. When using a combination of oxygen and compressed air, therapists can treat soft tissue damage, bruises and strains much more effectively than they could in a typical setting. A hyperbaric chamber will not only help relieve pain, but will also increase range of motion and increase the healing time of injured tissues.

Helps Treat Memory Loss - Hyperbaric chambers have also been found to greatly improve memory retention. This is because the compressed air has a higher temperature that allows it to reach deeper into the tissues of the brain. This allows the brain to recall information at a much faster rate, allowing for better brain function.

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