August 19, 2021

Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes

The Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes by OxyNova 5 provides a host of features and benefits for athletes and other active people who are concerned about their health. This chamber can be used for any activity that requires full body oxygen saturation, such as diving, snorkeling, biking, swimming, martial arts, weightlifting, racing, and a host of other sports activities. Here are some of the other benefits of this amazing hyperbaric chamber:

Natural Healing - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an exceptional, completely natural healing system that can reduce stress and fatigue, improve circulation, speed up the healing process, promote immune system response, and even encourage cell regeneration. When you use a chamber, you get all of these benefits from a deep pressurized environment in which you have absolute privacy and control over the pressure levels and the duration of the burst. Unlike traditional hyperbaric chambers, no chemicals are used, no heat is emitted, and your body absorbs more oxygen than it normally would. This gives you more opportunities to heal faster and prevent further injuries or stress. You'll also find that your body does not become fatigued as easily, which allows you to get back into the game or sport much quicker.

Reduce Injuries - Hyperbaric chambers have been shown to help reduce swelling and pain in the treated area, as well as accelerate the healing process. When hyperbaric media is pressurized, there is a greater concentration of oxygen in the affected area, improving cellular oxygenation. The high pressure and low humidity present in a hyperbaric chamber cause water molecules to be drawn down into the chamber, resulting in less inflammation and swelling in injured tissues. The increase in oxygen also triggers the production of enzymes that break down and eliminate scar tissue. It has also been shown that hyperbaric pressurized unadulterated oxygen therapies increases the amount of red blood cells in the body, which enhances blood flow to the injured site. Reducing pain signals to the brain, also helps to reduce the need for pain killers.

Recovery Time - Studies indicate that athletes that suffer from concussions recover faster and stay healthier after suffering one from a hyperbaric chamber for athletes. The concussions that take place in the gym and on the street cause many athletes to miss time from practices and games because they are too afraid to go back and play. After a month or so of recovery, most return to the field and compete at full strength.

Reduce Stress - Many times athletes are not able to train as hard as they should because of the stress placed on the body. During training and strenuous activities, there is much strain placed on the ligaments, muscles and joints. This causes injury and pain to the athletes. With hyperbaric chamber for athletes, the pressure is alleviated, which leads to an increase in strength, power and endurance.

Recovery Time - The hyperbaric therapy method takes just two to four hours, which is much faster than other recovery methods. In the hBot session, the athlete lies in the compartment and is gently massaged throughout his entire body. This stimulates circulation, strengthens muscles, and aids in muscle repair. A trained professional will know exactly how much pressure is required to complete the hBot session.

Athletes who suffer from compartment syndrome have been known to reduce their workout by half, when using the hyperbaric chamber for athletes. This reduction in workout is much faster than with conventional workouts that take several days. Additionally, the hyperbaric chamber for athletes does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that could potentially harm the body. Many professional athletes use the chamber to recover faster between workouts because of the positive effects it has on the body. Athletes are able to exercise and train harder, longer and more frequently because of the hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used for decades to enhance physical performance and recovery. The method has also been used successfully to treat many health conditions and injuries. Athletes have benefited from the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. They experience a boost in energy, faster recovery, more muscular strength, better cardiovascular health, enhanced mental alertness and a stronger immune system. The oxygen treatment allows the athlete to compete at a higher level because of the oxygen-rich environment that is provided by the chamber. The faster recovery and enhanced mental alertness are what helps the athlete to focus on his sport and perform at his absolute best.

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