July 20, 2021

A Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes Helps Enhance Therapy Benefits

hyperbaric chamber for athletes

A Hyperbaric Chamber For Athletes Helps Enhance Therapy Benefits

Hyperbaric chambers have been used for decades in medical treatment to help relieve various conditions and diseases. The hyperbaric chamber for athletes has recently been recognized as a useful treatment method for arthritic pain and swelling in athletes. It also can be used to treat burns, cuts, and other wounds. What are the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber for athletes?

Physical Therapy: Many physical therapists have argued that physical therapy is not effective when done with traditional exercise methods. The reason is that traditional exercises force the patient to move through their full range of motion. This forces the body to adapt to the stress placed on it. When the body adapts, it is unable to heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy places the body under essentially the same stress but forces the body to respond in different ways. Because the oxygen is under pressure, the body is forced to adapt by increasing tissue mass, increasing flexibility, increasing muscle density, and even increasing the immune response.

Improved Sleep: For the sportsperson, improved sleep will help to rest better when returning to sports again. Athletes need at least eight hours of sleep each night. With a hyperbaric chamber for athletes, you can receive that level of sleep and still feel well rested the next day. That means you will be able to train harder and longer without worrying about the amount of sleep you have or if you will feel fatigued.

Enhanced Red Blood Cells: A study conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Sports Medicine showed that hyperbaric oxygen therapies produced higher than normal numbers of red blood cells in the athlete's injured leg. The cells were also significantly larger than those in a control group. This is important because red blood cells play a major role in providing oxygen and other nutrients to your injured body part. Injuries cause them to release more red blood cells, which in turn leads to faster healing.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery: Another benefit of the hyperbaric chamber for athletes is enhanced muscle recovery. The oxygen saturation of the air in the chamber enables your muscles to receive the oxygen they need during your workout. Without pure oxygen, your muscles begin to feel tired and lose strength. As an athlete, if your muscles feel tired and run down, you can get injured and not be able to play as much. A hyperbaric chamber for athletes can reduce this risk, allowing you to get back to playing after an injury.

Enhanced Brain Function: Scientists are learning more about the brain every day. As the brain ages, it is affected by age-related illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Many athletes suffer from concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries that impair their cognitive function. A hyperbaric chamber for athletes allows your brain to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

Enhanced Bone Regeneration: One of the most common injuries for athletes involves the knee. The cartilage between the bones begins to wear down as the body begins to age. Injuries to this area, called knee osteoarthritis, can lead to debilitating pains and decreased blood circulation. A hyperbaric chamber for athletes can help repair the damaged cartilage between the bones and improve the blood flow to this area. This improvement in blood circulation provides nutrients to the bone and can promote better bone regeneration after an injury.

Physical Therapy Benefit: Hyperbaric chambers have also been shown to benefit physically active individuals. Athletes who train in the gym or exercise outside rely on high pressure levels in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, many of these same individuals lose out on reaching their physical goals because of inefficiencies in their training methods. By following a fitness regimen that includes hyperbaric chamber therapy, individuals are able to increase their physical activity without the associated dangers of injury. They will also be able to reach their fitness goals with less stress and anxiety and with a renewed sense of energy. If you're looking to add a physical therapy benefit to your life, consider a hyperbaric chamber for athletes.

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