July 28, 2021

A Better Alternative to Surgery

An oxygen therapy chamber is an apparatus used to deliver hyperbaric oxygen therapies to patients with chronic diseases, such as asthma and COPD. The oxygen therapies are performed in a completely enclosed, controlled environment, providing complete safety for the patients while undergoing procedures. Hyperbaric chambers are also known as "hot cell" or "fixed hyperbaric oxygen chambers." All of the above conditions are conditions that require hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

hyperbaric chamber

The chamber is an extremely hot and dry environment, allowing for the quick release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The high temperature also kills any organisms present in the air, preventing the growth of any microorganisms. The chambers are typically located in disaster areas or medical facilities where there is a need for pressure relief. Medical staff use the hyperbaric chamber to treat and improve patients with many different chronic illnesses. There are many benefits that hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers, including:

o Improved Drug Therapy. The system provides improved drug delivery methods for many different types of ailments. This type of hyperbaric chamber system provides a method for delivering drugs at a higher concentration and in a more directed fashion. The drug molecules are in a hyperbaric state, which means they are easier to transport than liquid medicines. The high concentration levels are also beneficial when it comes to treating viruses and other harmful bacteria.

o Improved Radiography. The chamber can help improve lung scans of all kinds. It also significantly reduces the amount of outside radiation that is absorbed by the patient. This is beneficial in that the amount of outside radiation present in the chamber can allow for better visualization of abnormalities and other problems in the body. This is especially important in the case of lung cancers or other ailments.

o Enhanced imaging. The hyperbaric chamber may require patients to breathe in an atmosphere that is at a much lower pressure than the outside world. This can allow for greater imaging resolution of the lungs and other organs of the body. However, patients may require an increase in oxygen saturation at a certain point in the treatment process.

o Dehumidifiers. The hyperbaric chamber does not provide a means for a patient to breathe in dehumidifier air. Therefore, he or she will require a way to bring in additional moisture into the chamber. A dehumidifier that is specifically designed for the use with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended.

o Specific Pathway Arrangement. Hyperbaric chambers do not have a set pathway of air throughout the entire chamber system. Patients who suffer from respiratory issues or have other needs for customized airflow will require a different set up than those with a standard breathing mask.

The portable hyperbaric chamber has many advantages over the standard model of breathing apparatus. For patients with certain conditions or who suffer from COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are critical. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that do not benefit from the use of the hyperbaric chamber system. The conditions that are best served by the hBot are those that are due to respiratory issues, specifically those due to inflammation. Many diseases such as asthma, chronic rhino sinusitis, and even more serious conditions like cystic fibrosis and even more difficult-to-treat cancers may be able to benefit from the use of this innovative technology.

A benefit of the HABot is that the pressure relief that is offered is incredible. Standard chamber systems work by allowing the patient's breathing rate to increase as the air in the chamber becomes denser. As the chamber gets denser, more air force can be exerted, which helps to reduce the pressure in the lungs. When the pressure in the chambers is released, the patient begins to breathe again, causing the increased pressure in the lung to be released too. Hyperbaric chambers offer much better pressure relief than these systems, allowing patients to take deeper breaths without the risk of losing too much oxygen.

Hyperbaric chambers also feature what is called a negative ion technology. This is a patented technology that allows for the use of a small amount of negative ions in the atmosphere. The chamber's low running pressure allows for the continuous exchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide, which is beneficial to the patient's health.

Hyperbaric chambers offer many benefits to the patients undergoing treatment for a variety of illnesses and conditions. The chamber allows for better oxygenation of the tissues surrounding the patient, as well as the delivery of vital nutrients. Positively charged ions are continually exchanged with the positively charged particles in the air, which improves the overall efficiency of the hyperbaric chamber's healing process. These chambers are essential for healing any number of medical conditions and can even help to prevent certain conditions, such as strokes, from occurring.

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