August 31, 2021

4 Reasons Why Athletes Should Use Hyperbaric Chambers For Athletes

Hyperbaric chambers (HBAs) are used for many health conditions and can help alleviate many of them. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves filling a chamber with pure oxygen at pressures much higher than what the lungs can tolerate. The oxygen deprivation actually simulates heart and lung function at sea level, allowing scientists to study how the body functions in a situation where there is significantly less oxygen than normal. Hyperbaric chambers have also been found to stimulate the immune system and increase healing. But can it do more? Are the results permanent?

4 Reasons Why Athletes Should Use Hyperbaric Chambers For Athletes

Many athletes suffer from compartment syndrome after an injury or surgery. The injury may cause inflammation in other tissues, but the muscles and tissues of the heart remain intact. The brain, on the other hand, has lost its muscle supply due to damage to the fascia or tissue connecting the brain to the heart. The brain is still able to work, but without enough oxygen, it becomes stiff and short circulates. The result is poorer cognitive performance, decreased memory, and greater risk of stroke or heart attack.

Hyperbaric chambers are increasingly being used for athletes with compartment syndrome. HBAs are increasingly used as a treatment for a variety of injuries including knee surgery, strains, sprains, tendinitis, bursitis, tendonitis, and brain injuries. Because they support the body's own healing capabilities, there is no need to give athletes steroids or other drugs. Athletes can benefit from an HBA as much as anyone else. While they cannot improve sporting ability or prevent injury, using an HBA after an injury can be extremely helpful.

Using HBAs for recovering from sports injuries and staying in peak physical condition is just one of many benefits. The chamber allows an athlete to recover faster because of the increase in oxygen and carbon dioxide. Other benefits include:

Greater cellular regeneration. In previous research, the hyperbaric chamber for athletes provided greater cellular regeneration than other cooling therapies at rest. It also increased the proliferation of new muscle cells. Muscle growth is the primary purpose of this type of therapy. As more muscles are repaired, there is a greater chance that an athlete will return to full physical fitness faster.

Preventing further injury or suffering from more severe symptoms. Because of the unique design of the hyperbaric chamber for athletes, concussions are prevented more often than in traditional restorative procedures. Concussions can lead to a host of health issues, from whiplash to permanent brain damage. Because the damaged area is sealed off, concussions cannot be heard or measured. In contrast, with standard restorative methods, athletes may hear or measure their concussions and suffer from further symptoms. As more research is done on the human body, there is hope that this innovative method of recovery for sportspersons will prove beneficial to athletes in the future.

Preventing further brain injury. The hyperbaric chamber for athletes functions as a giant airtight seal, preventing harmful toxins, debris and gases from accumulating in the brain and other tissues. Athletes can experience less psychological and physical stress from their activities if they know that the brain is protected by a high-pressurized environment. Studies have shown that athletes who used the hyperbaric chamber for up to six months had a reduction in mental stress, as well as a decrease in physical pain after exercise. The unique design also allowed the brain to heal faster.

A faster recovery process. Sports teams use this type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes because it speeds up the rehabilitation process. When an athlete has suffered a sports-related injury, it can take weeks or even months before the injury completely heals. This recovery time is simply too long for an athlete to endure. With this method of recovery, an athlete can return to sporting activities quicker and with less pain and suffering.

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