July 7, 2021

4 Physical Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers have been in existence since the 1950s. The first modern hyperbaric chamber was designed and built by Dr. Thomas Kelling. The first clinical application of a hyperbaric chamber came about when a medical student was studying histology and decided that he could use the chamber to recover DNA from dried blood samples. The student's discovery of the clinical value of the hyperbaric chamber is what has now become the foundation for the hyperbaric chamber concept.

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Hyperbaric chambers are used today for many different applications in medicine, including wound healing, chemotherapy, tissue repair, and even accelerated tissue growth. Hyperbaric therapy is also used in the diagnosis and treatment of many other illnesses and conditions. There are many uses for a hyperbaric chamber, but the two most popular are for wound healing and for tissue regeneration. A hyperbaric chamber can be used as an adjunctive treatment to any medical procedure, as long as there are the proper oxygen supply and the proper conditions for the procedure.

Wound Healing Hyperbaric chambers are often used in conjunction with traditional antibiotic therapies to speed up the healing process and help to avoid any possible bacterial contamination. When a patient has a severe, post surgical cut, an infection can easily enter the body through the small cuts that are made during surgery. Traditional antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria that might be responsible for the contamination, but traditional antibiotic therapy does not eliminate all of the bacteria in the body. An effective way to eliminate any bacterial contamination is with the help of a hyperbaric chamber.

Tissue Regeneration A major part of hyperbaric chamber use is to promote tissue regeneration after surgery or an accident. Many traumatic injuries require the use of a hyperbaric chamber in order to prevent the tissue damage that is common after a traumatic injury. Hyperbaric chambers can increase the blood flow to the injured area and promote the growth of new cells. This new growth is what causes the tissue to heal faster after a traumatic injury. It is the tissue growth that doctors use to make sure that all of the wounds in an accident are completely healed.

Body Sculpture Hyperbaric chambers can also be used for body sculpting therapy. Any injury or trauma will cause trauma in the body, and the body needs time to heal. The hyperbaric chamber helps the body to rest and repair itself after an injury. The body needs the right amount of time to heal following trauma, and using the therapy for body sculpting aids in the body's ability to repair itself.

collapsed lung The collapsed lung is often the first serious injury that people experience. Many people do not expect to have any permanent physical damages from having a collapsed lung, but it is a very real possibility. Most people who have been involved in an accident or fall of some kind have at one point or another suffered from a collapsed lung. Many people die from this injury because they do not receive the adequate care they need. A hyperbaric chamber can allow a person who has suffered from a collapsed lung to receive the much needed oxygen that is so critical to their survival.

Diving Cures A major benefit of using a hyperbaric chamber is the fact that it can help treat many different types of physical injuries. Many divers who are injured will receive the proper medical care and attention if they are transported to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, not all injuries are recognized as requiring the use of a hyperbaric chamber. Sometimes divers who sustain serious diving injuries are sent home with a band-aid and some type of pain medicine instead of being taken to a hospital. Hyperbaric technology can help treat these cases by providing the right amount of oxygen to the patient in order to reduce the amount of pain that they experience and help prevent further injuries.

Muscle Memory Many divers will be surprised to learn that hyperbaric chambers can actually help increase and improve their diving memory, which is basically their ability to remember where they have been and what they have done underwater. Most divers tend to forget things after a while. Hyperbaric technology provides the right amount of pure oxygen to the body to help improve their muscle memory. This helps them spend less time looking for their equipment, since they are constantly focused on the present rather than the past. This can help increase their productivity significantly.

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